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  1. Spares Availability

    Thanks again everyone for your comments and ideas - positive and otherwise! Although I didn't buy the bike I was considering I haven't entirely given up on the idea - the design ideas look so good and I've always relished a challenge! There don't seem to be many advertised at present, but if something interesting comes up, who knows.
  2. Spares Availability

    Many thanks for the advice everyone. Shame about the Vertigo - that was my second choice! So maybe I'll just stick with my Tiger Cub - shame it's not green though.
  3. Spares Availability

    I'm contemplating buying a 2012 tr280i, but am concerned about the spares situation now that the factory is closed. I spoke to a chap at Trials & Tribulations who was very gloomy and basically told me not to touch it. Birketts are currently closed so can't ask them. Does anyone have any views or advice? Thanks