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  1. This is the one that always makes me wince!
  2. I should just add, I meant good obstacles in the context of a challenging and technical section!
  3. Totally agree, and it starts to get a bit repetitive especially since Bou is so strong with it. I thought the obstacles that Bou and Gelabert crashed on were good and have no complaints about them, but in hindsight should the FIM be looking at crash mats under sections? And would Bou's injury be less severe had that section been made of wood?
  4. Same here, must be a stressful situation for Toni. Fingers crossed for a smooth recovery. Was this event being run under the same rules as the X-Trial, with the 6 minute time limit?
  5. Hallentrial germany

    Really good to see some of the younger developing riders competing. Martyn's crash right at the end of his lap was a lucky escape for both him and the observer! I thought the whole thing was great, really well put together and Jitisie have been doing a great job promoting it on social media. They are doing a good job of showing that trials should be seen as a modern, exciting and awe-inspiring sport, in much the same way as skating or downhill MTB. 2Play should be employing Jitisie to deliver the media/comms for X-trial, the Cleeng system they have now is crap. I also noticed they have been re-using the same section material, which is disappointing, and the 6 minute total lap time isn't offering anything other than getting riders to rush. The one thing I do like is the penalty point for sump rule, and whatever other changes are causing the shake up in the results is a good thing. Just my observations.
  6. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    What happened with Busto this time? Hats off to Gelabert, he's having a tremendous season!
  7. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Busto definitely has the ability and the potential, but he needs someone to develop his attitude. Interestingly I don't think the bike suits him as well as the 4RT did. I suppose it depends on GG's goals for which markets they target, but I still think it's an oversight not to have anybody representing the factory from/in the UK. I don't have figures to back it up but I would imagine we would be one of the larger markets for bike sales?
  8. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    I've found the complete opposite. Met Bou, Fuji and the Honda team after Sheffield a couple of years ago (in a MacDonalds!) and they were pretty miserable...granted Bou had just been beaten by Adam. Then met Fajardo who was really friendly, forthcoming and generally nice guy.
  9. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    My take is that GG saw an opportunity to sign Busto, and were willing to sacrifice Dibs' contract to have Busto.
  10. Sheffield indoor video

    Looks like Busto had another bad ride at Montpellier tonight!
  11. Sheffield indoor video

    I didn’t think he was that impressive personally, he didn’t make what looked like a very manageable (for that level) step on the white concrete section. His whole demeanour looks like he’s only putting in 50% effort. i thought Gelabert looked really impressive and looks very focused. He fully deserved the podium he got.
  12. Sheffield indoor video

    I also thought Busto looked very underwhelming on the GG...
  13. Sheffield indoor video

    Thanks! James triple effort at the black box section was mega, he was unlucky not to get up it. Was there something to do with petrol on top making him slip?