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  1. Busto definitely has the ability and the potential, but he needs someone to develop his attitude. Interestingly I don't think the bike suits him as well as the 4RT did. I suppose it demands on GG's goals for which markets they target, but I still think it's an oversight not to have anybody representing the factory from/in the UK. I don't have figures to back it up but I would imagine we would be one of the larger markets for bike sales?
  2. I've found the complete opposite. Met Bou, Fuji and the Honda team after Sheffield a couple of years ago (in a MacDonalds!) and they were pretty miserable...granted Bou had just been beaten by Adam. Then met Fajardo who was really friendly, forthcoming and generally nice guy.
  3. My take is that GG saw an opportunity to sign Busto, and were willing to sacrifice Dibs' contract to have Busto.
  4. Looks like Busto had another bad ride at Montpellier tonight!
  5. I didn’t think he was that impressive personally, he didn’t make what looked like a very manageable (for that level) step on the white concrete section. His whole demeanour looks like he’s only putting in 50% effort. i thought Gelabert looked really impressive and looks very focused. He fully deserved the podium he got.
  6. I also thought Busto looked very underwhelming on the GG...
  7. Thanks! James triple effort at the black box section was mega, he was unlucky not to get up it. Was there something to do with petrol on top making him slip?
  8. What is so important about muddy steep banks? Trials is more than just hill climbing. The sooner people let go of this ridiculous notion that trials would be better off regressing into ‘its roots’ the better.
  9. Sure, but he is still the highest ranked rider in the UK. Can only be positive for GG (both factory and GGUK). Just seems odd to break from a deal mid-way through when his form has been improving since the switch. Wonder if TRS would be an option for him if he is indeed changing?
  10. I think Farre will be the next Raga. Riding style is fairly similar, and where Busto likes to show off and often seems blasé about his performance Farre looks genuinely hungry to win. Still can't see how Dibs will be released from what was a two year contract. He is unanimously the top British rider and I don't see anybody toppling him in the near future - surely that must be a great advert for GG's UK sales?
  11. Do we know about Dibs?
  12. I don’t see Busto beating those two for a little while longer, I don’t think he is mentally competitive yet. Bou and Raga are very effective at recovering when things go awry.
  13. How is dibs out of contract? He signed in 2016 for a two season deal?
  14. Doesn't Dibs have another year left on his GG contract? All the odds are in Bou's favour to take at least the next couple of years of titles. I can see the merit in GG wanting to pick up as many of the top 10 as possible after Bou and Raga - if they are trying to re-establish GG market share having the top 10 flooded with their bikes will be positive for machine development and visibility. Every podium that their riders achieve will be a knock against the perception that the Honda's are the most competitive bikes. Also, this is going to be interesting for seeing how much advantage the works 4RT's offer. If Busto remains consistent on a GG it gives a measure of how much impact the bike does or doesn't have. Puts HRC in an interesting position. I can't really identify a rider of the younger generation that have Busto's potential, so when Bou and Fuji eventually decline who will they pick up that will challenge Busto?