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  1. Beta evo won't run

    Blocked pilot jet?
  2. Flywheel puller

    If there is no way to hold the flywheel with a tool its going to have to be an impact gun mate {unless you need a "in the field" technique which may cause damage to other parts of your bike} my rev 3 has standard r/h thread on flywheel nut, not sure about your modern evo though sorry
  3. Beta 250cc reving our problems..

    At the wrong time i imagine a split second of extra gas could be very nasty, hope you get it sorted bud. Take the carb off and open the throttle fully and check if the needle is bent and catching the nozzle guide. Gently check the needle is secure and cannot be lifted upwards into the carb slide, there is a retainer inside the slide that holds the needle and clip in position, if its not right the needle may be able to come up out of the nozzle tweak sideways and jam. Carb slide jamming? Any dirt or damage. Seated on guides correctly? Check cable route Start bike turn bars full left to right, any change in rpm? Check twist grip assy Some 2t oils can emulsifiy in wet weather, only ever seen it happen on old 2t roadrace bikes with open carbs but maybe. White/yellow residue on carb slide If it happens again clutch it and kill switch. Dont touch the twist grip as opening it again could relocate a rogue needle or stuck slide. take the carb off and have a look whats going on.
  4. 2006 Rev-3 parts?

    try john lampkin imports https://www.beta-uk.com/ Ive got an old 2000 model rev3 and they had most parts in stock
  5. Replacing plug cap and ht lead?

    Ht cap can be replaced, it unscrews. I think the coil and lead are integrated units.
  6. Rev3/Techno Fan Wiring

    Hi mate, have you had any luck? I may be able to check the regulator unit on my 2000 rev3 for you. Its the same style with the capacitor but it I think mine is a regulator/rectifier unit as i haven't come across a separate regulator {yet}. It's all disconnected at the moment as the bike had been sat unused for several years due to a fault with the stator, but one of my mates has just bought a trials bike so it's time mine made a comeback! I sent the stator away and had it rewound and rebuilt the motor. Its back together now and starts up sweet. The wiring though.... needs a bit of work lol, its been seriously hacked in the last 17yrs and I'm not 100% sure on the wiring back up of the regulator unit as it only has the 2 wires connected to the capacitor going to the fan/thermo switch, the other two are just bare wire ends with no connectors. The wires on my regulator unit are: yellow: i assume {!} connects to yellow stator wire but its been a long time and has no connector Pink; maybe an earth? but a possibility it was connected to the yellow stator wire, no connector Black/blue> to fan or switch Black> to fan or switch Is it the same unit as yours? which wires do you want resistance test on? P.S if anyone knows how i should be connecting the yellow and pink up please let me know.