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  1. Spot on,if the air cannot get into the fuel tank through the breather(it works both ways as well as letting fuel vapour out) the bike may run for a while then build up a partial vacuum and prevent the fuel from draining under gravity through the fuel tap and into the carb.
  2. They will break in but if the boulder is anything like my Forma gripper 2 boot you may wish to remove the annoying velcro strips that hold the optional waterproof inner sock. I couldn,t figure out why mine were uncomfortable until i cut them out with a scalpel blade.
  3. There are several threads on Gas Gas gearbox oil,you can spend hours reading them. On the TXT Pro some recommend ATF but there are some makes of clutch plate(DP is one of them) which the friction material will swell on the Diaphragm type clutch it leads to a hard pull clutch. On your bike which is a conventional clutch i would use 75W light gear oil such as Putoline or 5/30W engine oil(not car type but motorcycle specific) Many people also steer clear of fully synthetic oils too. The more i read the more confused i get!
  4. The injuries were on my Harley Davidson MT350 162kg then loaded up with another 30kg of camping gear! and also on the Suzuki DRZ400s best part of 140kg. Both cases the bike landed on my lower leg. I don,t think you will have those sort of problems on low speed falls from a 65kg trials bike when you normally fall clear of the bike anyway. I would always suggest going for the best helmet and boots you can afford but as a casual non competitive rider i am not too hung up on brands.
  5. I have had the same dilemma . I use to ride in MX boots when green laning and they offered great protection but were quite poor when footing or trying to push the bike. You could not really walk in them and on the long expedition/camping trips i could not wait to get them off. I then tried Army Goretex boots which were comfortable and flexible,great to wear and walk in and offered a little protection. I had a few minor falls and had some quite horrible calf and ankle injuries which put me off even doing a bit of gentle off roading. I have now purchased a trials bike to learn how to ride properly at the age of 56! I could not work out wether to go for an adventure style boot which would suit both my Suzuki DRZ 400 s and my Gas Gas TXT 250 pro. I will never do either of the disciplines competantly so wanted a compromise. If you are doing trials seriously you will need a trials boot with a flexible but less protective upper and a flat sole for easier positioning of the whole foot on the foot pegs. I went for the Forma boulder in the end which will suit both types of riding (gentle green laning they have enough protection and can be worn like hiking boots for the camping trips) I would suggest the Wulfsport trials boot as they are a little stiffer than Gaerne/Sidi/Forma etc but tough and well made and a quality which exceeds their price. A good starter boot which has surprised many a trials rider.
  6. I know this is an ancient topic but when i had an enduro bike i bought some Novogar trail boots which were almost identical to the trials boot. I really rated them and they were so comfortable off the bike too which was important on long trips as i don,t take shoes with me for camping in the evenings. I sold these ages ago and just do a bit of trail riding in Army boots which are great for walking about in and a little off roading but after a couple of minor offs i had some quite horrible ankle and calf injuries and am going back to a trials/trail type boot. I have recently purchased a Gas Gas trials bike to learn a few skills on and compliment my Suzuki DRZ400s. I need some boots that will work on the trials bike but also be suitable for a little light green laning. Do Novogar still exist as i cannot find any of these boots in the UK anymore?
  7. Hello Tom,i am in Norfolk. That sounds like a great deal and just the sort of thing i am after. I am not in any rush at the moment with Christmas just around the corner. Steve.
  8. Hello all, i am not new to off road bikes but at the age of 56 i would like to buy a trials bike to hone my skills and possibly "wobble" around a local trial as i get competant. Any suggestions of a cheap £1000-£1500 as a starter bike. Thanks in advance. Steve.