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  1. Well my Sherpa came with a banana ( not battered or bruised) but I suspect that the club foot is better performance wise as Bultaco progressed to that style. The system with the largest volume is usually better.
  2. How about trying to use the later double spring retainer as on the later Sherpas and MX models. Heat shrink around the exhaust port on an aluminuim barrel could be problematical with loosening etc. I’m sure that there are really large Helcoils available and there are also solid thread inserts on the market. Alternatively you could open out the exhaust entry ( damaged thread area) to accept a new short pipe threaded to match with an internal diameter as the original screw in front pipe sleeve. I wanted to say plumbers thread tools if you follow my drift.🙂🇬🇧I hope there’s some useful ideas here to sort your problem. Good old Google should have some answers too!
  3. Setting the gap on an Iridium plug is no more difficult than a standard plug, just be careful. Top tip...if the gap has altered with normal running and no outside interference then the plug should really be replaced as it’s worn out. Top tip no 2 iridium plugs should last for 60+000 miles in a car engine so expect at least a lifetime (40+000 miles) in a Trials bike engine. For my sins I used to be a NGK Wholesaler.🙂👍
  4. Doubt that you’ll like taper top yoke as you will also need tapered fork tubes. Early Bultaco Sherpas had taper top assembly i. e. M80 and M49 but then some of the M80’s had the deeper bottom yoke whilst others had a straight yoke. Chase T Y might have some special triple clamps but not tapered and not cheap either.
  5. Yambits are excellent.
  6. Depends where the previous owner fitted the condenser, it could be next coil or still in original position behind flywheel/mag. Check carb breather pipes not kinked, crushed or blocked. Fuel tank cap breather is this clear as guy53 suggested. Full ignition check, contact face condition (dark royal blue colour on contact faces indicates condenser ? Air filter is this clean and unrestricted/ bunged up with crap etc. Is exhaust relatively clear and not carbon loaded or oiled up. Piston is compression good and not too noisy piston slap wise, rings could be gummed up and causing running issues. At the end of the day diagnosing running faults etc is very difficult at a distance but hopefully you have enough to go at. Let us know if you sort the problem🙂🤞
  7. The clutch on a TY 175 should be nice and light with a smooth take up. Too thick an oil will cause more issues, follow Carl Eckbloms suggestion for oil grade. A good look at all the parts of the clutch including checks for buckling etc and careful assembly following a manual should produce a more effective operating clutch for you. Clutchless gear changes should be ok on the TY if you are sensible about it. TY guy has the right method, clutch is for emergency only in section, assuming you are in the right gear!
  8. Agreed🙂👍 the head steady is an awful🤨 piece of engineering. Do you mean the head steady set off the Pursang moto x? A proper bit of kit that. On my bike the one in the pic the head steady has been boxed to make it a bit stronger.
  9. Blindly what type of parachute do you carry? You are clear for landing, use runway Echo 5 winds North Easterly watch out for powered hang glider club members using grass area.
  10. Blimey what type of parachute do you carry? You are clear for landing, use runway Echo 5 winds North Easterly watch out for powered hang glider club members using grass area.
  11. TY175 under rated and overlooked by many, an excellent machine for the beginner or clubman upwards. Used to sell quite a few of these and the TY 125 which was also a good bike. A Majesty frame kit and 200cc conversion made them even better. 🙂👍
  12. When you consider how old these bikes are that get ridden, thrown and dropped everywhere they aren’t doing too badly if they break occasionally. Wonder what a more modern Trials bike will be like in 30-40 years time?
  13. 5 gears. Electronic ignition very good if bought from right supplier/ manufacturer. Expensive when you can buy an old lawn mower and rob the ignition off it. Skill level high (many spanner’s rating). Or equate cost of electric ign as against numerous contact and condesor sets that will take ages to wear out and give good acceptable running. Piston travelling up toward tdc ( top dead centre) at 2.3mm before tdc contacts should just be opening, breaking coil feed circuit and causing rapid collapse of magnetic field in coil windings and hence high-tension (HT) spark at plug gap. Make sure you rotate engine in normal d.o.r. Now ste timing to next experts view on best timing setting🙂👍🤡
  14. Here’s a few pics of my 199 with the larger air box fitted and my own waterproofing seal made automotive heater sealing strip.
  15. That’s muscle waiting to be developed, proof is evident when you see a 30 stone bloke walking ( I use this term advisedly) down the street. Think of the power yet for you to release, bit like a tune up.👍😉 Blimey, just realised that I’m in this category all shape and no substance👀😳