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  1. Compression Release

    On a 2S motor like my Montesa there was a 14mm extra hole in the head ,the lever operated decomp fitted to mine was ok but I'am not sure it was really that much use....some said they don't bother with them @ all,what I did find on Ebay was a chainsaw auto decompressor with an adaptor to fit the 14mm hole,I purchased a Husky 10mm one but have yet to machine an adaptor. These work by lifting a button up on them which exposes a small bleed hole,when the engine fires it automatically closes ,still don't know if the bike would start with one of these ?,my old decomp has to 5mm (approx) bleed holes which I presume are too large causing insufficient compression for the engine to fire. After doing some rather serious damage to my leg after a "kickback" I have a more clever starting procedure which works everytime......self preservation really. Hope the info is some use to you,cheers
  2. New purchase ,old bike and rider

    Well managed to check fuel usage after last ride which was more throttle and higher RPM then any other test runs,@ that stage I had used 650mls of premix which is a huge reduction from pre carb work. Pulled chain ,retainer and countershaft sprocket ,oh dear the seal is totally gone and not what I thought would be easy to change,very small and looks hard to remove.....bugger. Anyone know the size of this seal as it looks a real odd one?,cheers . EDIT and update,fired an email to Inmotion and Pete replied swiftly saying they have the seal and the 'o' which I presume go's on the end of the shaft sleeve against the bearing ?...mine didn't have one and after looking @ the way it sets up explains how the oil can travel under the inside of the sleeve and leak @ the sprocket,bloody past owners eh .
  3. New purchase ,old bike and rider

    Yesterday was a magic day ,rather hot,the bike screamed 'ride me" so I boxed up a couple of things I had apart and she started up first kick on the choke,went to some of my favorite area's I used to run my VW offroader (now sold) and found the bike a blast to ride,went all over the place forgetting I had only put 1 litre of fuel in it but that wasn't an issue as I didn't need to use reserve. My thinking is the carb is fairly well "dialed in" ,changing to the carb slide to near the correct type appears to have cured my consumption issue,it settles to a nice low speed tick over and as mentioned previously the oil smoke is much reduced. I also experimented with a different fuel mix of around 32:1 ,some had mentioned this was the way to go,no question the bike runs better and shows no obvious issues with this mix,I would assume 2S oil has come ahead somewhat since 1979 . I have changed the handlebars to a "high rise" type and find the riding postion is greatly improved for the type of riding I do. I also found I have automatic chain oiling on my Monty ???.....turns out my oil leak is in fact the counter shaft sprocket seal,oh well atleast I know where its coming from. More to report later,cheers.
  4. Can someone identify these forks ?

    I agree ,look like DR200 or similar,from memory they will be 35mm diameter.
  5. New purchase ,old bike and rider

    It is rather hard to get to even with the swingarm out ,thinking its leaking for that reason....too hard to get to ? The only solution I can see is to put a thin wall socket in there with a piece of flat or bar welded to it as there is no way a ratchet will fit in,the rear engine mounts in the way also . I'am not removing the engine until I do frame repairs and repaint so hope the above method works,thanks for the reply feetupfun.
  6. New purchase ,old bike and rider

    Starting to put bike together again,it was pointed out to me sometime back the shocks I purchased were too long,this is true and not only caused the rear height to be wrong but caused the shock to be "firmish",machined up some 12mm bolts up and mounted them on the swingarm which resulted in the bike setting correctly and the shocks now feel right. While removing the swingarm I noticed an oil leak which turned out to be @ a recessed plug in the engine case ...can anyone tell me what its function is and how it sealed,thanks
  7. 1990 TLM 260

    I know of one locally ,very nice condition...it appears many folk know the issue with parts however,limited production and a different direction for Honda as it was 2S,wonder how many were made?.
  8. Montesa Cota 247 kickstart spring

    Interesting...I have very little preload on the spring but when I move the lever around towards the starting position the spring loads up,lever returns back to rest fine. I don't know if its correct by the book but it functions as it should ,was that way when I got the bike.
  9. New purchase ,old bike and rider

    Yes another one on the way,so much damage done from the others and the clean up is still going on appears it will be months before all that is finished. This one is said to be going down the east coast of the north island,I live @ the top of the south island so hopefully we will be ok. Not sure I'am liking what you guys are "exporting" to us lately ? .
  10. 1974 Montesa Cota 247

    Not a real easy repair,welding @ that point will pull and the crank won't be straight ,it may be rather difficult to correct this to "zero'' runout,,if you factor in welding ,straightening (if possible),machining after welding,then cutting another keyway you are paying a specialist a lot of labour. I would think your flywheel is damaged also,IMO I would be searching for the parts secondhand....good luck.
  11. Carb setup Cota 349...drinks like a sailor

    Well what another day brings,bought new slide,needle and needle guide,slide was wrong a #2 instead of a #4 my Amal carb guy said reason for fuel consumption,carb was basically mixed up,put it back together and it started first kick and much less smoke.....result. It tuned up easily I think it will cause less air leaks @ the slide,old needle was SO worn almost no taper left @ the end,my Amal carb guy mentioned the slide was the biggest issue being the wrong one (rich) and the fact they wear out faster than the carb body,@ this stage I won't be changing carbs and happy ...as is the bike.
  12. Carb setup Cota 349...drinks like a sailor

    Yes I know,not like they were made very well....your answer made me laugh,cheers
  13. Carb setup Cota 349...drinks like a sailor

    Thanks for the reply,I'am all good setting up this type of carb but I'am starting to thinks its not economical to go much further...it is old and rather worn,shame Amal didn't use a brass or hard chrome slide. I can purchase a Keihin 26PWK which is in good used condition and its genuine,I have researched and the Chinese knock offs and they can be a mixed bag,jetting is something I will have to face. Will update when I decide what to do as I may carry on with the Amal for a while and continue setting up the rest of the bike.
  14. Carb setup Cota 349...drinks like a sailor

    Mixture screw is set @ 1.5 turns out from memory,I will add I never touched the timing as I found it to be correct just cleaned the points and checked the gap as correct. Will start of with a new needle as mentioned and replace main jet for correct size,I would say if the needle is worn the jet will be too. I'am not prepared to get carried away with such an old carb and may go to a Japanese carb.
  15. New to TC

    I understand your situation as many of our best trail riding spots have been shut off,when I rode MX we used to practice by trail riding forestry tracks in some prime area's locally ....no more. I've only ridden a TY briefly but that is was a good machine for the era,I think you will enjoy it. Welcome to this forum its a great resource and good people on here,cheers.