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  1. This is the eBay item number 322197427943 and hopefully this link
  2. I think it's my link, I'm on a campsite using an phone do anything is possible! Try a search under world wide on eBay for beta Evo mudguard. Or go to
  3. They are UK eBay? Maybe they'll ship to the USA? Or
  4. I'm a novice and got back into trials a year ago on an old Cota 247, made dreadful progress learning new skills (spent more time tinkering with it). I'm now using a 2008 Beta Rev3 250 with a slow throttle and it's absolutely ace, great power, handles well and confidence inspiring.
  5. Comes from the 'beginners and wobblers' class I believe
  6. I started with a Cota 247 which has been retired for now and I'm learning again with a Beta rev3 250. I changed the throttle to a slow action one and it's been great to learn on
  7. Fraser i can thoroughly recommend the Penkridge club, its very beginner friendly. The white routes are great for practice and the 50/50 is a good challenge to us wobblers!
  8. A bit of update, I spent a few months getting the 1972 Montesa Cota 247 running and did a few white route club trials and practices. Big and heavy but great when running well. Now needs a bottom end rebuild and cosmetics for the rest of the bike, so I breathed and bought a Beta Rev3 250, it's a 2008 model. Obviously the difference in bikes is amazing and my riding has improved a bit! Thanks all for the advice and to Oni Nou who suggested a Beta
  9. What I like is the cash refund they put in the parcel if the online p&p was too high. They put a few pound coins in with parts
  10. Worth a chat with Michael at Surrey Cycles This was his advice to me for my bike, may be different for yours: "The 1972 Montesa Cota 247 with a left hand carburetter would have used the 627/413. This would have used a 150 main jet, 40 pilot jet, 106 needle jet and 2.5 throttle valve" Pilot jet adjustable is very important for pick up etc.
  11. They often were back in the day
  12. I do agree and was joking to some extent. I've put a lot of investment and time in to the basics and look forward to the time when I crash it less and strip it down and tidy it. It's a 1972 model and I'd like to see the frame back in silver (it's been brush painted black at some stage).
  13. It's worth it, cosmetics aren't as by the time you get the mechanicals sorted you're skint
  14. Come along to a Penkridge Trials club event!
  15. Always found Inmotion excellent, but if you wish to go elsewhere then I think Mikuni UK are good to deal with.