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  1. Come along to a Penkridge Trials club event!
  2. Always found Inmotion excellent, but if you wish to go elsewhere then I think Mikuni UK are good to deal with.
  3. Might be worth contacting Paul at: i used them for a rebore on a Cota 247, their website says they do cranks.
  4. I was a teenager in the 1970s and rode a TL125 in local club trials, these pictures give an insight and an opportunity to look back at those times. The riding clobber alone is worth the photos being published, the main thing is seeing the bikes you'd have liked to have owned and ridden
  5. Deryk Keep on trying with interesting photos please, I don't think it's personal when people correct or flex their knowledge, just fellow anoraks enjoying a look at some great pictures. The forum itself serves as an archive and knowledge repository so it all adds value to our sport and hobby. Keep 'em coming!
  6. I have to agree with the comments about reducing stress except that the next day I start thinking about the next mod to the bike or why it wasn't running right!
  7. Also has a gearbox driven speedometer
  8. That's perfect- cheers
  9. I know, but more is better😀
  10. Hi Deryk Anything Montesa Cota from the early to mid 1970's please!
  11. They were a bit rare when we got ours, got it via AVA practically brand new when it was imported. Good call on the Granvia
  12. Thanks Steve, I'm in my eleventh year of Bongo ownership well accustomed to all the benefits of owning one. Have you got one?
  13. Cheers, I've got a trailer but it's hassle and the local trials ground is really local
  14. Cool! No grief with the suspension bottoming out etc?
  15. I'm thinking of getting a Dave Cooper van rack for my bongo, it has an 85kg nose weight which is probably better than many vehicles that use racks but it has a fair bit overhang past the back axle. Has anyone used a trials rack on a bongo. It will be to carry a montesa Cota 247 initially Cheers