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  1. The production team (Grain Media) weren't prepared for what was involved and admitted this on Monday evening. They weren't allowed out on bikes and didn't know where to go to get the footage they needed. We gave them advise every day after Monday but it's not easy to film this trial from the road side. We did your best to get some footage for them of Ross on the further out sections but we'd wait ages then and he'd usually just ride up and ask for a five. We did get some section footage and some moor crossing stuff for them and gave them a fews years worth of older stuff they've used as fillers. Personally I'm enjoying the programs as it shows a different side of the event and just how hard it is for a run of the mill clubman. I should add that Ross himself wanted to focus on the trial and not the filming and basically blanked the cameras other than at either end of the day and lunch stop. I saw him blank the filming team a few times when they wanting to check in with him at sections.
  2. Treat indeed Steve. Thanks.
  3. It's not my first time. On this occasion that trick didn't work. It's off now and the fault appears to be a sticky slave cylinder/piston.
  4. Yes that's my thinking just now too. I usually remove it and leave it out. Serves little purpose once the case is back on. Currently struggling to remove the kick start.
  5. OK I need some Gas Gas expert help. I've not opened it up yet and it may be a simple one but it's not one I've seen before. Today the clutch level started stopping well short of the handle bar. As I rode, it sometimes pulled all the way in and other times stoped well short even once almost fully out. When it's doing this and the engines not running I can hear the slave cylinder piston knocking against the case like somethings sticking it from extending to compress the clutch. Any ideas before I open it up? 2015 TXT Pro Racing 250cc
  6. Does anyone know if there are any new 2015 250's for sale anywhere or if they've all gone?
  7. I spent a couple of hours in Manel's exclusive company when we recovered him and his bike back to Fort William following his accident. He talked a great game and is a very serious about making this venture work. He's also showed me some of the plans he has for other models and types of bikes based around the same frame concept. I don't think it would be fair for me to say too much here as but I was impressed with his vision and he certainly has the financial means and company infrastructure to make it happen. The bikes being risen in Scotland were clearly prototypes and no where near the final target weight etc but they worked and finished a tough week. None were being thrown at the scenery like a clubman would do so its not a very fair comparison but they appeared well thought out and built. I truly wish him well, you couldn't find a nicer bloke.
  8. X-lite every time. Its not any lighter but has a more flexible side wall and a softer compound. Grip's great and last as long as a X11 but is slightly more prone to side wall cutting through. Only real negative I've found is you can't fix a leak very well with a turd or even an internal patch. It seems like the air can find a way along the layers in the construction and out where the hole was for within if you get my drift. Still, I love them.
  9. I've had an invite to ride this years Grimmialp two day trial in the swiss alps. Has anyone here done it before and what did you think. I'm a clubman rider. Cheers John
  10. That's the finished HD videos now online with each rider named and a musical sound track. This year I went a bit Scottish with the sound track. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  11. My use is not for commercial gain and is therefore covered a under model aircraft use and CAA light touch regulations. I am a BMFA member and have public liability insurance. Essentially, the person controlling a small UAS is fully responsible for the safe operation of any flight, but it is important to consider whether a permission (not a licence) from the CAA is needed. You must request permission from the CAA if you plan to: fly the aircraft on a commercial basis (i.e. conducting ‘aerial work’) or fly a camera/surveillance fitted aircraft within congested areas or closer (than the distances listed within Article 167) to people or properties (vehicles, vessels or structures) that are not under your control Permission is not required if: the aircraft will not be flown close to people or properties, and you will not get ‘valuable consideration’ (i.e. payment) from the flight, then a permission is not needed;Permission is also not required for ‘practice’ or demonstration flights. However, the other requirements of Articles 166 and 167 must still be complied with, and it must also be ensured that no one is endangered while flying the aircraft. The regulations are intended to protect people and / or properties that are not involved in the activity. They are also aimed at being as ‘light touch’ and proportionate as possible, so there is a great deal that can be done (especially for private or recreational flights) without the need to approach the CAA at all.
  12. Yes. I've promised the observers a free copy each so I'll do a limited run.