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  1. E-Pure?

    I see pictures and video of the new ePure on Facebook. Anyone find specs and more info about them anywhere?
  2. Mecatecno T18

    Here are the specs they recently put up on their website:
  3. 16 vs. 18

    Awesome feedback. Thanks you Catfish! I'm a little surprised EM owners have not created a stronger user community to share tips, tricks, etc. If they have, I have not found it yet. From the little bit of feedback I have been able to find most EM owners are quite happy with the bike. There was one for sale recently on a US trials for sale FB group, and he changed his mind as he found the EM more fun and easier to maintain than his GasGas 300. The turning radius must only be noticed while riding due to frame geometry as you mentioned. My local dealer has a Sherco, Beta, and EM sitting side by side and I couldn't tell a significant difference between them. Since they are new bikes they won't let me ride them all back to back in the parking lot. I'm intrigued by the new Mecatecno and the '19 EM Sport. The Mecatecno has a mechanical clutch, gears, and claims to be 60kg vs. 70kg for the '19 EM sport. On the flip side, the Mecatecno is a first year bike that's bound to have some growing pains, and support here in the US may not be so good. I think EM is the safer bet, but that Mecatecno is really sexy. Bob Billard from EM said the 2019's will be available in Sept, and the Mecatecno is giving guidance of Oct-Dec. Oh what to do, what to do... I could go buy that '16 and be riding tomorrow!
  4. Mecatecno T18

    Yes, but the price is over $4k euro less than Gasgas. Only 180 being dragonflys being produced this year vs. 200 GasGas. I'm very tempted, but also leery of first year products. I'd also like to see some more info on weight, battery size, ride time, charger, options etc.
  5. Mecatecno T18

    Limited quantities available to order now, shipping in Oct-Dec. No detailed specs on their website yet.
  6. 16 vs. 18

    Agreed, technology is changing fast. If I buy one of these electric gizmos I'm leaning towards just getting the latest and greatest available, understanding it'll be obsolete before long. I may lose quite a bit of cash when I go to sell it, but I want a backyard bike now, and someone has to support these companies by buying early release models. It could take 5 more years before electric becomes more mainstream and that's too long to wait for me.
  7. 16 vs. 18

    Are you talking about the zero FX? Looks more like a dual sport bike than dirt bike, and definitely far from a trials bike.
  8. 16 vs. 18

    I should rename this threat to '16 vs. '19. They just announced the new '19 models today http://www.electric-motion.fr/en/EMSport-2/ I still have not pulled the trigger on anything. I'm waiting to see what the specs, pricing, and availability will be of the Mecatecno Dragonfly, due out next week. My local dealer still has the'16 EM Sport, but it's only falling further behind in enhancements now. I don't understand how the Dragonfly is going 30lbs lighter than the EM, and it has a clutch and gears. Maybe that's a dry weight, without the battery?!?!
  9. 16 vs. 18

    I heard the EM replacement battery is $2500!?!? How's that for sticker shock? They are probably embarrassed to list it on their website parts catalogue. I understand they will refurb a battery pack for much less money though.
  10. 16 vs. 18

    I am seriously considering the OSET too. I’m 200lbs, probably 220 geared up, which is a little higher than they recommend. It seems a bit more like a toy, but my primary goal is back yard riding so it could be perfect. I’m sure I could learn a lot on it and upgrade to a proper trials bike later without losing as much money on resale. I know a guy with an OSET and he said he’d let me ride it for a couple days. I’m really looking forward to giving it a try.
  11. 16 vs. 18

    Yes, the auto clutch is a tool for trails and a huge energy saver for long rides. It’s a total cheater tool, and works super well for its purpose, which isn’t trials. That being said, I’ve seen some very impressive trials riding on these EM bikes, at a level that would take me years to achieve, if at all. The cost of this experiment is what I’m agonizing over. I have 7 acres of land so there is lots of fun that could be had here. Feels like I’m a year too early too. There seems to be a lot of advancement in electric trials and 2019 may see some new releases and significant improvements (clutches and gears)
  12. 16 vs. 18

    The dealer said $7900 USD. It has zero miles and a full warranty still. Another guy in here sold a used ‘17 for $6500, so yes $7900 is a bit to high.
  13. 16 vs. 18

    I wonder what the dealer cost is on these things? From what I've heard over the years, the dealers don't make much on bike sales. The parts and service is where the money is. Making him a lower offer is definitely the right move if I decide to try out the EM.
  14. 16 vs. 18

    I have zero riding experience with Trials, but have owned motorcycles for +30 years. I ride a '16 KTM300xc-w now and want to explore something new that will also benefit my woods riding skills. A silent electric bike would be the ticket since I could ride in my yard and some other local areas that wouldn't draw any attention. Where I live we drive 1-2 hours to get to a riding area. I recently put a Rekluse and LHRB (left hand rear brake) on my KTM and I really like it. It operates like my mountain bike now. The EM without a clutch would be setup similarly and would be a great training tool. If the trials bug bit me hard I could always join a local club and get a proper gasser later. I have read others mention the turning radius. I'll have to go see it in person again to see if that'll be a deal breaker for me. I've also heard there could be updates for 2019 with the EM ePure, but what those are is still a mystery. That will likely affect the resale value even more. If future electric bikes come out with gears and clutches and are in the price range of the new GasGas TXE ($15k USD) then this discounted '16 may not depreciate bad as you may initially think. It may not be as versatile, but it'd be half the cost. Too bad the E bikes haven't really taken off yet. I'm probably a couple years early.
  15. 16 vs. 18

    There is only one dealer in my state. They'd have to order a 2018 at MSRP, $9,595. The '16 is sitting on the showroom floor, and in my opinion $1500 off is a fair deal for a leftover model of any bike, provided it doesn't have some glaring performance or reliability issues. So few folks have these bikes it's hard to find an opinion (or facts) on how different each model year has been. Someone mentioned in another post on this forum that he's ridden a '15, '16, and '17 and the '17 was the best yet. Was it $1500 better?? That's what I'd like to know. Considering this dealer has a '16 on the floor and it isn't selling after 2 years, I'm worried that when it comes time for me to sell it I'll have a hard time finding buyer. I might lose less reselling the '16 with the discount though.