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  1. BSA B40 No Spark

    Well that's easy - Here you go; http://www.boyerbransden.com/faultfinding.html
  2. Next item to modify (for me) Rear Brake Lever

    I'd like to see you make that statement in front of Mick Andrews...
  3. BSA B40 No Spark

    No B40's were fitted with electronic ignition from new,so if it has it fitted it will be an aftermarket setup.Take some pics of it and post them up so we can id it.
  4. To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    Too much thinking going on here,those old Yams are simple, but well made. Just get it bored by a decent place.(From recommendation,not adverts) Put it together and ride. The old banger I have is built up out of junk from the remains of 3 engines,the piston was secondhand,not even run from the same barrel. I just bought new rings,circlips and a base gasket. Rattles like a bag of spanners,but everyone comments on how well it goes. It must have done 20 years of chasing cows before I got hold of it...
  5. Thank goodness, at last!

    Personal choice, you can't stand him - I couldn't care less. But I'd be very happy if that **** Jeremy Vine left...
  6. Ashwicke Classic Charity Trial.

    I hope everyone, (51 riders) that rode had a good ride at our trial, with a few kind donations including very generous help from John and Emma of Pitstop Catering we made £503 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Me and Steve really enjoyed putting the trial on, now need to work out when we can do the next one. Thank you to All involved,but especially to Nicky.
  7. We are running our charity trial on bank holiday Monday the 27th. At Ayford farm near Marshfield. 11am start,there will be a catering van onsite. Brilliant venue,all different sections to last year. All Pre65 classes, plus twinshocks. NO mono's. Three routes. The venue will be signposted with red arrows from the A420 at Marshfield,please come along and join us,all proceeds will go to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Enter on the day. https://joncvsv8.wixsite.com/ashwicke
  8. Shock mounting bosses.

    As OTF says they are very easy to make on the lathe,only take a few mins to make so shouldn't be expensive. An m6 thread in the end makes life easy for fasteners too.
  9. BSA Conical hub shoes.

    That's the problem, I don't. I'm building it from scratch,so its just getting some shoes to start off with,they are not easy to find - Even my mate Rupert Ratio didn't have any and he has supplied nearly all of the rest of the bike. Friction Services are just down the road from me so relining shoes is no problem,last ones they did for me were David Brown tractor shoes.
  10. BSA Conical hub shoes.

    Cheers for the suggestions, I've had an Email back from CCM, they have been away.Now back and have a batch of shoes nearly ready. Going to have to start building it soon...
  11. BSA Conical hub shoes.

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic... I'm in the middle of a build,not really even a trials bike,its an ex Army B40 frame with a B44 round barrel motor. I'm using four bolt forks and a 6" conical BSA/Triumph front hub.All shiny and smart, except brake shoes are rocking horse poo. Mark Cook of CCM Britain or PES apparently made some new billet ones which I'd like to buy.Been calling on the phone,leaving messages and have emailed as well.No response... Any suggestions, the parts are stacking up and it's close to me needing to nail it all together.The idea is a trail bike or long distance trials nail.
  12. Best Levers

    Domino on my bikes,not cheap but so comfy to use...
  13. Show Us Your Ty

    Those tank seat units were sold by Sammy Miller products. They were very good until Ethanol was added to petrol,completely wrecked mine. a shame because it was signed by Mick Andrews.
  14. Bultaco Aftermarket Triple Clamps.

    I don't know anyone in Oz that does that kind of stuff, but here in the UK its easy. I needed a set of yokes for my BSA a couple of years back and got them made to exactly my specs by Gerry Minshall who also runs the Kia Twinshock series here. http://www.twinshockchampionship.org.uk/
  15. Piston Kit

    Model 80 makes a good point,I recently bought a piston off Ebay from a seller in Texas, I had to pay £66 to Parcelfarce for handling and customs costs. Same deal when I buy parts from the US for my Chevy pickup, it can almost double the cost of the parts...