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  1. I'd want to start off with a roller bearing big end to build a C15 engine with more output than standard. As B40 RT says the Rupert Ratio book is a bit of a must for any unit single owner. The author,(Dave Smith) is a top bloke and has loads of spares. You can contact him through his website;
  2. Really? So you add your "Tuppence" and muddy the waters even more. The whole point of forums like this is to get individuals to relate their own experiences. There is no single correct answer, for instance you suggest using good fuel and oil - so what do you suggest IS good fuel and oil ? Maybe I'm missing something here ?
  3. There is alot wrong with basic petrol now including the fact there is so much cr-p in it. For a long time I refused to believe that enthanol in petrol was having an effect.Then after a while I found the fuel cap on my old Yam was getting hard to unscrew, then the pilot jet was always blocking up. Next was the throttle sticking,followed closely by blistering of the fibreglass tank.Shame as is was signed by Mick Andrews... Small bits of the tank were breaking away inside and causing the problems,the tank is now an ornament. I've also had to repair Stihl chainsaws and strimmers where carb mount rubbers and fuel hoses have literally fallen apart when fuel was left in them over winter. Some bulk at the price of Aspen fuel,but for how much a trials bike uses I can't be bothered to worry about it.The plastic cans it comes in are completely clean inside,so once your bikes tank is clean there is no need to do any carb maintenance - more time to ride ! The fumes are much less toxic too,ask Network rail - H and S will let them use Wacker plates in tunnels when run on it.
  4. Or you could use Aspen fuel which has a 5 year shelf life. No need to clean carb or drain at all then.
  5. You need to get the Rupert Ratio books.
  6. As Woody says a £160 rechrome from Philpotts is very good value,they did my AJS forks - very pleased with them. From what I understand people who have tried mono forks on a TY twinshock have often gone back to the originals. Magical springs have a good reputation,but even as standard they are a good fork.
  7. Nah, you got me wrong, I'm just a mostly happy weirdo that likes old things. Forgot to mention that cobwebs and dust are welcome in my workshop / mancave.
  8. I must be a bit odd then cos it looks bloody awful to me. I think a man cave should have a lathe,milling machine,Mig, Tig and loads of other kit like a large press and Oxy/Acetylene torch. there needs to be a woodburner and somewhere comfy to sit. Music is nice too... And not forgetting the bikes,there needs to be plenty,British,Italian,Spanish and early Jap.
  9. I've been trying to break a TY250 since about 2006, I have to say the bloody things are tough !
  10. DK Off road have an old TY250 tank for sale at £140; Having made aluminium petrol and oil tanks from scratch before,I'd happily pay £140...
  11. Yep, 8mm or 5/16" in proper money.
  12. I ask them what they want their score to be,and stick that down ! Tripods seem to be a law unto themselves, I wouldn't dare to guess what their score should be.
  13. OTF's advice is spot on,I'd go further and suggest you buy a twinshock,ride as many trials as you can and chat to people while there. Many bikes are changing hands,but are never advertised,they are sold amongst riders who natter while waiting to go into a section,or while waiting for their bacon butty and cuppa at the car park field. Or if you see a particular bike you like,ask the owner for first refusal if they ever decide to sell it. The twinshock will keep you going and keep you amongst the right people until the right bike comes along.It took 2 years after asking to be offered my rigid AJS, but it was worth the wait.
  14. I run Miller's Golden Film straight 40 in my AJS, the engine is still clean inside after 6 years of use,the little filter and the magnet do their job well enough.But I change the oil after 6 or 7 trials anyway or as soon as it starts to change colour. My C15 also runs straight 40 in the engine,as filled by Rupert Ratio - he ought to know ! Not sure what you mean by airlocks really, the AJS returns it oil in pulses as its a plunger pump,not a gear pump like the C15 which runs a steady stream up to the headstock.
  15. The Castrol arrows were no problem,Bath Classic paid for them.The attached pic shows what I ended up with,not posh,but they do the job and they were cheap.The Correx board cuts easily with a sharp stanley knife. The,(Kindly donated) fencing wire bends easily around a 2" tube, the double legs mean they can't blow round in the wind and point the wrong way.I think they look OK, they had to be cheap cos I had to pay for them !