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  1. That's been out I bit now and it would not surprise anybody who watches it to find out the rider was called the black angel and he died in a bike crash
  2. The ACU do support the youth for the europeans and world rounds and Hannah is in there youth training team which she is very greatfull to the ACU for its support And just for your information weeble , Hannah was one of the youngest riders ever to ride the europeans and has been riding them longer then Emma B and for the last two years she has rode the world rounds when Donna did not I think weeble you said your opinion may be at the wrong time it because hannah has been getting some very bad feed back about not riding the world round this weekend from some people saying that she should not be in the team if she did not commit to all the world rounds just for the record hannah is not riding thhe world round this weekend do to a member of our family beening very ill and we are having a big family party which is far more important than one world round trails will be here next year on when ever the family member may not be so after 7 years of riding the british rounds 5 years riding the europeans 3 years riding the world rounds i think this should allow Hannah to miss one round and then still be in the team
  3. Yes donna was available and yes both hannah and donna have been neck to neck all year with donna just beating hannah in the brits and donna had a great ride in the world and europeans this weekend what the ACU wanted was to try and use experienced riders and to bring in may be a younger rider to build up for the years to come because years ago they went with another rider instead of emma bristow and that was not the best move one other reason may have been that donna has been out of the british championships for two years but at the end of the day they made the choice and we should get on and back the girls I know some people have been saying things about the selection which were very personal and they would have been better keeping there big mouths shut
  4. Emma has just phone Hannah to say she has just finnished second in the european ladies in italy well done Emma first podium for Ossa
  5. dibs factory beta
  6. ever since gasgasben wrote his frist quote i have read a load of rubbish and the last of the four signings only happend this week and i will put money on what i wrote dibs to beta lampkin to gasgas brown to gasgas wiggy to sherco i know all the riders well and this is what will happen
  7. This is whats going to happen dibs to beta lampkin to gasgas brown to gasgas wigg to sherco
  9. they are out next week
  10. Several top riders have had the fuel tanks split on the welds more than once
  11. Well I have been told from a very good authority at the UK Dirt Bike Show that Laia will not be with montesa next year and will be on a beta ???? All down to money ???