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  1. This series has a promoter
  2. Lakes 2 Day

    Lakes MTA are totally overwhelmed by the amount of entries we have received for this year's Trial. Anyone who finds they are no longer able to ride please let Jake Gowan know asap so we can give somebody else a ride. Thanks
  3. Queueing etiquette

    It's part of the fun. I once pushed in front of Mart at the Loch Lomond 2day. Such a rare occasion I can still remember it, and I can picture the section
  4. Just what is the best modern Trials bike?

    Quite simply the BEST one is the one that suits YOU, not what your mates tell you, not what magazine reviews tell you, not what forum bandits tell you but what you feel right with
  5. Warning Points

    I've just spotted on my profile that I have no warning points ???? I'll have to try harder
  6. Pre 65 In Scotland Today ?

    At least Guy Martin is a biker. OK yes he has been given priority over some who have probably been trying to get in for years and I understand their frustration but it's good for the event even if it is already oversubscribed and maybe doesn't need a higher profile. As I say at least he is one of ours not like major road racing type events etc where the grids are full of free loading "celebs" from Coronation Street or tennis. In motorcycling we need to learn to look after our own rather than beat up those who do good for our sport
  7. Pre 65 Times

    I went on Saturday last year and am doing the same again this year. It was my first time at the Pre 65 Scottish. AS you arrive in Kinlochleven, because of the odd and even numbering you will find bikes and riders travelling in all sorts of random directions and if you just want to see bikes and riders it's dead easy. If you want to see somebody or something more specific then you need to get a programme and do a bit of planning Can't claim to be an expert on this but it worked for me
  8. France Round Wtc

    Hi I don't have specific details of this event yet but most European rounds of the WTC are fairly open events and you can pay when you arrive, having said that many are actually free as the whole event is sponsored by the town or the region or a leading local company. There is always a selection of trade stands so you should be able to buy riding gear of several makes Hope this helps
  9. Acu Competition Licence

    You don't ge an ACU Licence for Trials you need aTrials Registration which costs £10 then instead of having a licence you pay a levy each time you ride
  10. Raising The Profile Of Trials

    Good point Andy, I'm cutting the plywood as we speak Might advertise a Golf Sale on the back
  11. Lakes 2 Day

    Lakes 2 Day entry is now oversubscribed, Many thanks to the over 200 who have sent entries. Unfortunately we are unable to accept so many but we are doing what we can to ensure as many as possible get a ride. For this reason if anyone finds they are unable to ride would you please let either Jake Gowan or me know as soon as possible so that we can fill the vacancy. Numbers and start times will be announced soon Ta
  12. Another Blow To Super Cub Trials Projects.

    Jon Bliss knew he was taking the p*** when he built the bike. He deliberately went out to create something that looks even on a dark night like NOTHING ever sold
  13. Factory Beta Team

    My money's on Rob Crawford
  14. Lakes 2 Day Trial

    Regs for this wonderful event are now ready and can be found in the Trials Central Calendar
  15. Wtc France Scores...

    left arm at a jaunty angle