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  1. Wrist pain and cramp :-(

    Unfortunately everyday tonic water no longer contains quinine but it's very refreshing and helps hydrate the system so it's still worth drinking. I've also been suffering from cramp after exercise from my mid fities but plenty to drink seems to be the best way to keep it at bay. Crampex was always helpful but hasn't been available for the last couple of years. Don't know why. Hope you find an answer.
  2. Metal Profile forks MP600

    There were two main forks used on trials machines. The MP 600 with 1.25"(31.75mm) dia stanchions for machines up to 200cc and also the MP 675 with 1.375"(34.925mm) stanchions for larger machines. Here's a useful link http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/Museum/Transport/Motorcycles/DMWforks.htm Hope this helps
  3. Matchless 350 gearing

    I have a spreadsheet that tells me with your MA gears (assuming a 40t clutch) you have the following ratios (standard ratios in brackets). 1st 31.48 (23.69) ; 2nd 23.99 (15.15); 3rd 15.50 (11.67) ; top 8.93 (8.93). On these ratios you should do about 8.7mph per 1,000rpm in top gear so 30mph at 3,500 revs. That's better than most P65 machines in road trials can do these days. Hope this helps. Other options are avialable
  4. Francis barnett help needed

    Fork seals? These are old school pogo forks. No oil in them, just grease. The Gaiters catch any that escapes - unless I'm mistaken!
  5. Highland Classic 2 Day Trial 2015

    Oops - sorry Rusty - meant February. If it's any consolation, I posted mine on Sunday the 21st Feb first class and still didn't get an entry. Just had it returned today.
  6. Highland Classic 2 Day Trial 2015

    Entries opened on the 20th March and closed on Tuesday the 23rd March oversubscribed. Successful riders notified but entry list not yet published.
  7. Triumph Tiger Cub

    You're right Alan. The main driving force behind the change was to bring Cubs into line with all other classes now that Cubs can be made to run well on an Amal carb. Certainly the arrival of the 20mm Amal was a factor in the proposal being put forward (by two members, not by the comittee as a whole). Alan Whitton's Cub pictured would of course continue to be welcome at our events - in the specials class. I'm afraid oriental engined Cubs wouldn't be welcome. Soon be Christmas
  8. Triumph Tiger Cub

    Just thought that Cub riders based in the north of England might like to know that the Yorkshire Classic MCC voted at it's AGM last week to no longer allow the use of 'foreign' carbs on Cubs from 2017 on. This means that we are now in line with the Pre65 Scottish, Sammy Miller Series and the Northern British Series. Basically this means that only Amal Monobloc and Concentric Mk1, Mk1.5, Villiers plus other original fitment carbs can be used. The change brings all classes into line with the exception of the specials class that will continue to allow the use of foreign carbs.
  9. Best Classic Trials Photo Ever.

    Photo of Dave winning the Bradford Club's Alan Jefferies National in 1967 with Brian Martin also in attendance. Not the best of images but my Ilford Sportman 35mm wasn't the best of cameras!
  10. Scarboro Pre-65 Weekend, 4/5 July 2015

    Thought it was a bit odd. That's not John "Smiley" Feather's rigid Ariel. His is much tidier than that and has the correct Ariel tank badge! This one looks more like the one that Lancashire's Chris Nutter used to campaign. The album photos are from the 2010 event which also explains why the riding numbers didn't match the results. Still good to see the old photos though.
  11. Ssdt 2015 Chat

    Have I missed it or has no one mentioned that Dabill lost only 9 on observation (33 on time) to Dougies 11 (8 on time). I know that he could have gained some advantage hanging back but if some of that time was lost on one of the 3 swing bridges they crossed that day that's pretty bad luck. A friend of mine was at Fort Augustus when the bridge opened and held up several riders (don't know who) whilst a barge and half a dozen boats went through. They were prevented from riding over the lock gates I understand.
  12. Spark Plug For A Cub

    Martin Adams suggested I use Champion L86C. Used them ever since. Tried Unipart, NGK and Bosch but prefer the Champion. Good value from the Green Spark Club Co on Ebay.
  13. Tiger Cub Front End Help

    Seem to remember that there are damper sleeves between the bushes that should be renewed when the fork bushes are change as they also wear out and allow the oil to pass too quickly. Heavier oil may also help.
  14. Bike On The Back Of My Car...

    Used to tow a caravan with the 195lb (88kg) Cub on the rack. But it was a Freelander with 130kg towbar rating and the caravan had a light nose weight. Car towbars are rated much less than that.
  15. Hi Blocky Yes the large spacer is a tight fit but is also needs to be held by a stud screwed into the boss for the chain guard fixing. This stud can also then act as chain guard mount with a nut on the stud. Make sure you grease the spacer and long through stud before assembly to prevent rust. Tighten the long through stud with the suspension in mid travel to reduce stress on the rubber when in use. Stick