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  1. Do they that much of a difference or is it just the bling factor?
  2. Same as Hummer who the Chinese bought.
  3. Ok you tell me where the frame,engine and forks are made.I'd say they make up the most important parts of a motorcycle? News flash alot of foreign cars are made in China.Also South America and South Africa. Hell Geely (Chinese car manufacturer) just bought Volvo. Had to laugh when the Chinese got pi**** off with USA imposing high tariffs on imported Chinese tyres and the Chinese came back with high tariffs on imported American cars.America could not care less.China only imports 6% of American cars made in USA..GM and Chrysler and Ford already have manufacturing plants in China.So no import tariffs on these vehicles. To large a market to ignore. The Chinese in 2009 was the worlds largest buyers of cars surpassing the USA.
  4. So I guess the answer is yes? I have not heard of any of the 2009 Evo 4T breaking frames and swing arms though.
  5. Where the 09 Evo 300 breaking frame and swingarms like the Evo 2T?
  6. I am thinking about getting a second hand Beta rev 4 2008. Are there any problems with this bike ie stators? I did a search and someone asked the same question seem to be some problem with kickstarters and maybe gearbox problems but overall everyone said there rev4 was still going strong is that still the case. I rode a 2008 rev3 250 i liked it. Is there that much of a different between the rev4 and the evo4? I am only a clubman /c grade rider I don't need a powerful bike.
  7. Should we not be encouraging new manufacturers into the sport of trials. In fact shouldn't we be encouraging a new country such as China to take up the sport of trials. I've just spent seven months in China and saw quite a few chinese riding bicycle trials and they where good at it. I was told there where a few who had moto trials but I never got the chance to go and see them.
  8. And so it continues. They have proved themselves by finishing even on a shoestring budget. They should be congratulated not heckled. Gee why would you even bother trying to introduce a new motorcycle into the Trials market. The people are to fickle and there sure isn't alot of money to be made.
  9. Very quiet here on this subject. Would that be because very few people thought Xispa would finish the event?
  10. Dan your wrong Chinese Government has started withdrawing its protection to factories in china in favor of its environment ,higher quality and letting them stand on there own two feet. Started it last year and they expecting more to close this year. Cost of labour is no longer cheaper business are going else where. I know we had a shoe importing Business( womens) and a helluvalot of factories have moved offshore last year. Case in point. I bought a pair of Scarpa hiking boots now made in Romania 1st pair lasted one walk and started delaminating second pair last three walks before delaminating. Big Multi national companies will all ways chase where there dollars are going to get the most bang for there buck does not matter which company or country it is do you not see that? The cost of labour in China is no longer cheap.Cost of inflation has hit China. They have had a taste of the good life and just like USA they want it all. Patent has been enforced in China but it will take a while. There is incentive for China to enforce it its called the WTO. No countries can become self sufficient.North Korea is trying and it ain't working.Maybe Bhutan. But if your worried about that there other countries around the world that are just as willing as China to flout the laws. Hell I bet I could chase up a USA bitt torrent site that I could start downloading Illegally.I know plenty of my friends here are now getting USA shows\movies the next day here. If you think China is the only source of cheap labour in this World you have your head up your Ar##.It is Multi national companies who take advantage of this Hey buy the way does not USA aggressively support its agriculture industry. I know Australia surely got f***** over buy it in the free trade agreement with USA Would that not be a case of a super power enforcing it power over another country just like your saying China is doing to you?If they can kill the competition to be the only supplier they will. Basic supply/demand/resource equation. I believe USA is forcing your growth hormone beef on the EU and they have barred it and what does the USA do impose massive import taxes on EU products coming into the USA. You can't have it both ways. Is it not he consumers demanding cheaper prices and there government complying . I see the Americans(SE group) have gone into partnership with the Chinese to build a world class ski resort in China I think maybe the Americans may just come out in front on that one. Yes the Chinese Government can do a hellavue lot more work to do to support its workers. I think USA should take a long hard look at their companies CEO's( flying in there private Jets and demanding money to bail them out) and what there doing and have done before they start bitchin about other nations doing it better than them. Back on track I hope Scorpa survives they have a good product.
  11. Watch and see what ATK are going to do. I hope Scorpa survive I really liked my Scorpa. The exchange rate ain't going to help them though or any of the others.
  12. Soory for some reason I was thinking Siberia. It would be interesting to see where all the trials riders are from around the World.
  13. Here we go again bag out the Chinese. I would like to think we should encourage the Chinese to get into Trials. What with 1.3 billion people and if you take a % of that got into trials and they are already big into bicycle trials over there and there Chinese trials bicycle are excepted around the world as a good thing it could only be good. chinese stunt rider
  14. Great to hear from someone in Serbia. Anyone else in Serbia doing trials. Where abouts in Serbia are you from?
  15. Is that not what Xispa is doing in Spain?