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  1. Hi Mr Softy, Young Richard Norman did a sterling job sending emails at 2:20am. and 7:58 am. Saved me from driving down from Manchester! Many Thanks Andy Foot
  2. As a manufacturer of aerosol chain lubes I can confirm that the ideal solution for trials is gear oil. Most aerosols are designed for the bigger road market. When your chain is being flung around the sprockets at high speed you need to add a tackyfier to keep it on the chain and to cope with heat. This tackyfier tends to build up after frequent applications which isn't a big issue when you have 100+ BHP! I have various types of bikes and use a refined light oil that leaves no residue on the offroaders. Aerosol application is the best method as the liquid propellant thins the oil so it penetrates right to the core, then quickly evaporates. It's easy to apply, wont spill or get contaminated. WD40 will stop your chain corroding after washing but isn't really robust enough to combat wear. Bignose Yoshimoto
  3. Buy one from BVM Moto in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Bignose
  4. Jon charged me about
  5. Sorry for the delay, My son hogs the PC. With the addition of the extra flywheel it takes the bikes' engine charateristics back to the late 70's/ early 80's. Much more grip in the muddy stuff due to the motor taking longer to slow down on a closed throttle. You can also pull a higher gear with no fear of it stalling. I'll contact Jon and tell him to get a bloody computer! Bignose (Jordan80)
  6. I have the answer! I had extra flywheel weight fitted to my 4RT by a very clever chap called Jon Bliss. It absolutely transformed the bike, but don't tell anyone. Jon makes the "Cotswold" twin shock trials irons too. Ring him on 01242 239055 (Cheltenham) and he will talk you through the mod. Cheers Bignose
  7. The friend I mention in post #5 is Jon Bliss. Bignose
  8. Modern trials bikes are designed for modern riding styles and young expert riders. It seems the older you are, the more flywheel you prefer. (There must be a joke in there somewhere) A friend of mine has an early 4 stroke Sherco. He has gone to great lengths to add extra flywheel which has transformed the thing. He is over 60 and a very able rider indeed. The flywheel smooths out the power delivery and prolongs the overrun. As I'm sure you know a bike grips bigtime during overrun, so making that last longer is good news. The bike is far less inclined to stall too. Riders in the south tend to favour this mod due to the abundance of mud. If you are lucky enough to be young, you will probably like the bike as it comes out of the box. I ride a Montesa 4RT which has an extra 200 grams of flywheel. It grips like hell and is smooth as silk which suits my more traditional riding technique. Bignose
  9. Your nose is going to be three foot across your face by the time i've finished with you TFT!
  10. Watched them through Shaw Gutter. Dougie was there giving advice and drinks. Grimbo definately had water in his carb. Bignose
  11. Many thanks for that. I was hoping it would be as you describe. Off to make some sandwiches and a flask. Bignose
  12. I'm off to watch the Scott for the first time tomorrow. is it a good idea to take a trials bike or an enduro bike to avoid the traffic? Or is this a no no as at the SSDT? Bignose
  13. The fuel ratio is 70:1 . Thrashing it around a field chasing an 8yr old on a mx bike caused considerable heat to build up. I may have located a secondhand item. If it doesn't materialise I will try to repair it using the great adice given here. Many thanks Bignose
  14. Many thanks for the advice chaps. I cut a square out of the side and found just packing material blocking the thing. The perforated tube? had completely melted into small aluminium blobs rattling around in the bottom. A steel version is only slightly cheaper but still the wrong side of
  15. The middle exhaust box of my 04 250Pro seems to have caught fire! At first I thought the crank seals had gone by the amount of smoke being produced, but during disassembly I found the middle box to be blocked and small bits of aluminium came rattling out. I tried blowing through it but it's completely blocked with the sound deadening fibre. (Yes I did have a big black circle on my face. TE HE) Gasgas UK want