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  1. The translated version
  2. Has anyone rode or got a 08 sherco yet , if so what they like , much difference from 07?
  3. can you instantly tell the difference once you have changed from map1 to map2
  4. can someone tell me how the "power" switch mounted on the handlebar of the cab replica and the 08 sherco works? can you change settings whilst riding?
  5. I think it is one of the best bikes going The colours are perfect
  6. On the 06 and 07 sherco why have they put holes in back mudguard so near to the air box ,wont all the mud and water get in..
  7. Hi has any one been on a 07 sherco yet is there much difference from the 06 Only i dont know if i should get an 06 or 07.
  8. i get my IPONE from TW BIKESPORT awarded sherco dealer of the year
  9. always use ipone as recomended by sherco
  10. use ipone as recomended by sherco