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  1. sounds good to me i will get one now,
  2. im from south wales,so im thinking of getting it next month,ive had a 2006 rev3 270,mont rt4 2005,rev 250 2007,im on a scorpa sy 250 07 now,my results on the mont 4rt was good,and on the othere bikes were rubbish,07 scorpa 250 is ok,but i think i get on with the four strokes better than the two.and i like the look of the scorpa 4 stroke.what mods have you done to the bike?
  3. hi,as anyone got a scorpa sy250f out there,what r they like?, as i am thinking of geting one.
  4. exellent night lads, good sections,well set up by the organizers,well done,all the riders done well,monster of a show. chek this clip out i had on my phone