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  1. Well I collected the Cub today.

    A lot of "shed engineering" been going on there. Make do and mend is all very fine on a budget but the real killer at most clubs, forget the Scottish because they would just laugh, is that hydraulic clutch. They might turn a blind eye, as long as you are not winning anything lol, to the front end and the carb but that clutch would be a "problem" for most clubs. So "specials" it would be or maybe Twinshocks for some clubs. However you may know better. If you just want to ride it then it doesnt really matter what class you are put in because you still ride the same sections. Good luck with getting it fettled. Youve got a busy winter coming up but thats half the fun. Be nice to see a before and after shot.
  2. BSA Bantam rear hub widening

    By the time youve done you might as well buy a billet alloy one from Alan Whitton in Dronfield.
  3. I have now updated the clubs website www.peakclassic.co.uk with results of Sundays trial along with current 2018 club championship standings. Cheers.
  4. Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    No mate but very similar
  5. This weekend Peak Classic Trials Club return to Thorntree Farm, Uppertown, Matlock, Derbyshire. S45 0JF Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 Twinshocks, Pre 95 Air Cooled Monos and Over 50's on Moderns Thorntree Farm is a very popular venue with a good mix of stream sections, wooded banks and rocks and there is something to suits all tastes. Venue opens at 9.30am. Start time is as usual 11.00am and entries close 15 mins prior to the start. Please bring an observer if possible as they are always welcome. Come along for a great day out in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. For more details visit our club website www.peakclassic.co.uk or phone Paul Beswick on 07946 700224
  6. Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    Rob Homer frame. Hubs from Alan Whitton Racing billet aluminium Bantam copies with alloy back plates. Morad rims stainless spokes laced by myself. Suspension revalved Betor units. Engine is modified D14/4 with alloy barrel and custom casting one off head reworked crank and flywheels with PVL ignition and brass additional weight from Jim Pickering. Modified Yamaha clutch from Harry Stanistreet. Modified outer cases. Lower 2nd and 3rd gears from Jim Pickering. Smaller engine crank sprocket. Self built exhaust and silencer. Marzocchi forks in Norton sliders. Alloy and titanium spindles. Modified Billet alloy yokes etc etc etc Loads more but its an ongoing project. Not as trick as some.
  7. Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    Sorry obviously i can upload photos. Didnt realise i could
  8. Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

  9. Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    Running an Amal premier 26mm as wanted to keep it legal but a MK1 and a half some people will say is better. Price is about the same as a Mikuni or Dellorto but no hassle over eligibility so works for me. Think you might have to grind the cam mounting off the end on the crank, but it was a while ago, if you want to use a D7 clutch cover and of course if your engine is a B175 then the kickstart shaft hole needs boring out too. Bolt holes all line up. Cant post photos on here of mine sorry.
  10. BSA Conical hub shoes.

    If you had the old ones, you didnt say if you had, i'd have got them relined with a modern soft material. Would be much better than std grade stuff.
  11. Shock mounting bosses.

    I always just turn some up out of "bright" steel bar and drill them M6. Got sick and tired of Ossa and Montesa with M7 screws that you could never get hold of. Easy to do.
  12. Bantam - 4 speed into 3 speed look-a-like?

    Dont quite understand. The 4 speeds use electronic ignition mounted where the stator used to be and you just modify the relevant 3 speed outers to fit. You dont change the crank. B175 is much better crank anyway.
  13. Help needed building three Greeves Trials Bikes

    Is it just the cover, which can easily be changed, or does it have a dynastart crank ? If so it will need changing as not viable to modify them. Used to be able to pick them up for next to nowt because the crank and crankcases nobody wants them. Barrel and head got to be worth £300 all day.
  14. Andrew

    All depends on what parts you need. I would have said Steve Sell but he doesnt seem to be answering his phone lately. Definitely go to the main auto jumbles especially Telford. A lot of stuff can be sourced from Spain and the US. That tank will possibly be worth some money to a restorer. Id fit an alloy one from a later model but your choice,
  15. Important news !!! Due to the fantastic response we received for our Easy / Beginner trial last weekend and after all the emails i have received asking when the next one is we have decided to slot one more in this season. So here's a date for your diary August 26th at Carsons farm, Grange Mill, Nr Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4HY. Start time 11.00am entries close 15 mins prior to the start. Venue opens at 9.30 am. Mick Andrews has kindly agreed to run another of his "A Day with Mick" training days full of tips on bike set up along with group and individual feedback on improving your riding technique. Everybody said they had a fantastic time last weekend with Mick and we are so grateful that he has agreed to do another one for us. If you are interested in spending the day with one of the nicest guys in the world of trials then get your name down because places are limited to the first 10 names. Also payment must be made in full by 7 days prior to the event to ensure your place. Price for the trial is £16.00 per rider and for the Mick Andrews experience its £28 for Club Members and £30 for non members. Observers will be made most welcome. Dont worry if you have never entered a trial before because the sections will be kept very much on the easy side.