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  1. Your best bet is to try a local engineering firm and get them to bore the legs and machine a bush to fit. The TY250 stantion at 34 mm is a bit of an oddball size. Either that or get the legs honed out to 35mm and the yokes as well and fit 35mm stantions which are widely available. Very common in Pre65 to have the sliders machined to take 35mm stantions. Good luck.
  2. A model clutch doesnt fit later models which i know from experience. Totally different and wont fit the gearbox shaft. Try it and see.
  3. Perhaps your original quote " but it should still be a pre 65, not a Twin shock with old engine" may have prompted the responses. If you fit modern shocks and fork internals along with the Mikuni it is hardly "still be pre 65" Modern upgrades are modern upgrades. They especially with regard to the suspension move the performance as far away from how they rode in 1964 that they might have come from a galaxy far far away. Believe me i know i rode them in 1964. They were awful.
  4. Nice Pre65 Mikuni carb there.
  5. Just to let all our friends and supporters know i have now updated our website with results of Sundays trial along with current Club Championship standings. Go visit for more details.
  6. Dont forget this weekend we are running our October trial at Cookes wood, Youlgrave, Nr Matlock, Derbyshire. I dont have a post code for the venue but the nearest i can find is for the Farmyard Inn in the village which is DE45 1UW. If you approach Youlgrave from the Matlock / Bakewell road then continue past the Farmyard Inn right through the village and pass the allotments on your right. Take the right hand branch at the Y junction and the venue is on your right after approx 100 yds. Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes. Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 twinshocks, Pre 95 ACM and over 50's on moderns. Start time will be as usual 11.00am Venue opens at 9.30 for parking etc. Please bring an observer. See you there.
  7. Just to let all our supporters and followers that i updated the clubs website last night to include the results of last Sundays trial along with current Club Championship standings. Go to to view.
  8. Will be sending the results out later this evening but for now you finished 3rd on 11 marks. Good ride mate
  9. This Sunday Peak Classic Trials Club will be holding a trial at Longcliffe top, Longcliffe, Nr Matlock. approx nearest post code DE4 4HN Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes. Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 Twinshocks, Pre 95 Air cooled monos and Over 50's on moderns. Start time 11.00am for more details visit our website or phone Paul Beswick 07946 700224 Road Closure ALERT ! For those coming via the A6 from Ambergate. Turn Left as normal but the A5012 Via Gelia road is closed to ALL traffic at the Cromford end so carry on up the hill on the B5036. At the top of the hill just before the railway bridge turn Right onto the B5035 for Middleton. At the traffis lights crossroads Turn Right onto the B5023 and head through Middleton. Follow this road out of the village and down the hill to the junction with the A5012 Via Gellia road turning Right to the Grange Mill crossroads at the Holly Bush Inn. Turn Left onto the B5056 where you will pick up arrows to the venue. Looking forward to seeing you.
  10. If the silencer is one of Jims then why not just ring him up and ask ? He's a really nice bloke and i'm sure he is the best bloke to talk to seeing as he built the bike assuming its a "std" Drayton build not a home brewed one with a Drayton frame and parts.
  11. If you try Steve Sell he sells them for the MAR
  12. Cant speak for modern clubs but every classic club i know of outlaws hydraulic controls so the bike would become ineligible. As for spokes i have never bought just one but i am sure Central Wheel will sell you one of each.
  13. Yorkshire Classic have some exceptional land at their disposal.
  14. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for the support
  15. No prob just sorry i couldnt help more. Think if you were looking for a genuine gold star you would need in at least £15000 lol