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  1. Just a quick note to all our friends, members and supporters. I have now updated the club website to include results from last Sundays trial along with current Championship standings so please visit www.peakclassic.co.uk for more information. Cheers
  2. Not our usual date slot so here's a reminder that Peak Classic Trials Club have their April trial at Dudwood Farm, Elton, Derbyshire. DE4 2LZ Start time 11.00am Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes. Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 twinshocks, Pre 95 ACM and O 50's on moderns Ive been down today laying out and the ground is wet but drying out well. The stream is in great condition and Barry Burton the landowner has put a lot of work in clearing overgrowth so this very popular venue will be perfect come Sunday so come along for a fun day out in the Derbyshire Peak District. One of those rare opportunities to ride sone excellent rocky stream sections and give your bike a final shakedown if you're off to Scotland in a week or two. See you there.
  3. Comerfords Tiger Cub

    Supplied to and sold by Commerfords doesnt make it a Commerfords Cub. If that were the case all the other bikes they were supplied with and sold were Commerfords whatevers. Sorry but looking at the photos thats not what people know as a Commerfords Cub. Thats like saying my James is a Mick Andrews James because hes ridden it
  4. Comerfords Tiger Cub

    Roy Bacons book "Classic British Trials Bikes" is a good source of photos and history re your bike. Are you certaim its a genuine Commerfords Cub ? Not just a missrepresentation by the previous owner or just a bike once sold by Commerfords ? there is a difference. Also the swing arm may have been changed at some point as is commonplace. I dont remember Reg May modifying and selling Commerford Cubs back in 1962 but might be wrong. Good luck with the rebuild.
  5. Wavy discs Why ?

    My thoughts exactly
  6. Dont forget this Sunday Peak Classic Trials Club hold their March Hare Trial at Stathams Quarry, Opposite Matlock Golf course, Matlock, Derbyshire. DE4 5LZ We dont know how much longer this venue will be available due to extensive house building nearby so come along and make the most of it while you can. All the usual fun and frolicks with Classes for British Bikes, Twinshocks, Pre 95 ACM and O 50's on Moderns Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes Venue opens at 9.30 am and event start is 11.00 am as usual. For more details visit our website www.peakclassic.co.uk Dont forget to put your clocks forward this weekend. See you there.
  7. BSA C15

    Budget on at least £300 per wheel built up and thats using a good second hand rim.
  8. BSA C15

    Just keep the motor and put the rest on ebay because thats all there is from a road bike thats worth keeping. Oh yes and keep an eye out for a trials gearbox because the road one is not really that good ratios wise. Personally i'd just sell the lot save the money and buy a trials one already done. Much cheaper to do that in the long run. Sorry.
  9. Just a note for our friends, supporters and members i have now updated the clubs website to include the results of Sundays trial along with the current Club Championship standings. For more info including our calendar for 2018 please visit our website at www.peakclassic.co.uk Cheers
  10. Will be mate when i receive them from Ant
  11. Just a reminder that Peak Classic Trials Club will be holding a trial this Sunday 25th February at Burycliffe Quarry, Cliff Lane, Elton, Derbyshire DE45 1LL Venue opens 9.30 and event start time is 11.00am Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 Twinshocks, ACM and O 50's on moderns The event will be followed by the presentation of the awards for the 2017 season at the Miners Standard Inn Winster just up the road. The presentation is due to start at 2.30 pm depending on how soon we can clear up the venue and get there and the awards will again be presented by that old friend of the club the "Legend" himself Mick Andrews. A buffet will be served after the presentation and raffle draw and all riders past and present are welcome to attend and applaud last seasons award winners. See you there.
  12. Just a note for all our members, friends and followers. I have just updated our website www.peakclassic.co.uk to include results etc of last Sundays trial at Clifton.
  13. Cub alloy barrels

    Got a good idea who it was then. Perhaps get a local engineering firm to peg the liner into the barrel as a belt and braces fix ?
  14. Just a reminder that the Peak Classic Trials Club are holding their first event of the 2018 season at Clifton Scrambles course, Dobinhorse lane, Clifton, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1ND this Sunday 28th January start time is 11.00am entries close 10 mins prior to the start. Venue opens at 9.30am Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes. Classes for British Bikes, Twinshocks, Pre 95 ACM and O 50's on moderns So come along and join in the fun. No competition license required as we are an AMCA club unlike the ACU where one is required or a day license needs to be obtained. Looking forward to seeing you there and please bring an observer if possible. Thank you
  15. Where are all the entries????

    Because depending on land costs etc it may not be economically viable to run the event and if entry fees were increased to accommodate the low entry numbers less riders would enter, we all know how tight trials riders are, and the club would then have to fold.