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  1. If you try Steve Sell he sells them for the MAR
  2. Cant speak for modern clubs but every classic club i know of outlaws hydraulic controls so the bike would become ineligible. As for spokes i have never bought just one but i am sure Central Wheel will sell you one of each.
  3. Yorkshire Classic have some exceptional land at their disposal.
  4. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for the support
  5. No prob just sorry i couldnt help more. Think if you were looking for a genuine gold star you would need in at least £15000 lol
  6. Something wrong with the link mate
  7. Impossible to answer on such sparse information. Depends on the motor fitted. The forks fitted. Alloy or steel rims plus condition. What sort of shocks and condition. Then theres all the usuals chains sprockets tyres etc Does it run is the motor in need of a rebuild. Is electronic ignition fitted if so what sort. You will be lucky to get a pre 72 British Bike for under £2000 even a wreck is i.r.o. £1000. Need more info really. Could be worth £3 to 4000 depending on all the previous.
  8. This Sunday Peak Classic Trials Club hold Round 8 of their club championship at Thormtree Farm, Uppertown, Matlock, Derbyshire. S45 0JF Start time is 11.00am So come along and enjoy the streams, rocks and tree roots that this ever popular venue is so well renowned for. Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 Twinshocks, Pre 95 Air Cooled Monos and over 50's on moderns Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes. So come along and have a great day out with us in the lovely Derbyshire Peak District.
  9. Think you will find there is more than a grain of truth in this. Warnings and producers given if i heard correctly. Its bound to come as all the bikes used that i know of are sitting ducks for the police. We all know the bikes are illegal if we are honest. At the very least do everything you can to comply including taxing and insuring your bike. Blow up your tyres before going on the road. Even a detachable legal number plate is a grey area but at least you are trying. Perhaps a water trough to disperse the worse of the mud which is another one they will use. Its only going to get worse so make the most of it while you can.
  10. Dont forget this weekend we will be holding our Round 7 of the 2017 Club Championship at Carsons Farm, Grange Mill, Nr Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 4HY Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes. Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 twinshocks, Pre 95 Air Cooled Monos and Over 50's on moderns. Start time 11.00am Please bring an observer if possible.
  11. Has anybody ever seen this mythical ttspud machine ? Be interesting to see the bike thats causing all the furore.
  12. In the process of putting a Fantic 305 back together and the discs are knackered. Found someone who will make some for me but they have asked if i want wavy ones or just std discs. Question: Ive seen wavy discs on bikes but never knew why. So why would i / should i fit wavy discs and if i do drilled or not ? Sorry but most of my trials experience has been with drum brakes and i have no idea why you would want to fit wavy discs in fact they look like they would feel really weird in use a bit like having distorted drums but i'm probably dead wrong. So please enlighten me before i spend my hard earned. Thanks
  13. Results of Sundays trial are now on the clubs website
  14. Dont forget this Sunday 25th June Peak Classic Trials Club hold round 6 of our 2017 Club Championship at Longcliffe Tops, Longcliffe, Matlock, Derbyshire. Nearest postcode is DE4 4BX . Expert, Classic Expert, Intermediate, Classic Intermediate and Clubman routes Classes for British Bikes, Pre 85 Twinshocks, Pre 95 Air Cooled Monoshocks, Over 50's on moderns Start time 11.00am Longcliffe Tops is a superb venue with stunning views across the Derbyshire Peaks and the Staffordshire moorlands. Come along and join the fun and if possible please bring an observer.