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  1. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    O.K. I ran my Montesa up and down the road for around 5 mins with the rear brake slightly on. It felt like it was biting a bit better and the disc just started going a very light straw colour! I then dowsed it with a watering can full of water until completely cooled. This transformed the brake and it now easily locks the back wheel on tarmac with only a light application of the back brake. If fact it worked so well, I repeated the excercise on the front brake! Again, it made a significant improvement. Thanks guys. :-) I hope this thread may come in useful to others with the same issue. Bruce.
  2. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Many thanks for all the replies. I have a number of things I can try now. Your help is much appreciated. Bruce.
  3. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Thanks imexian, food for thought. It seems like there is basically a lack of friction between the pad and disc (unlike yourself and Nebulous :-) ) Also the old pads I replaced look like Fren which would explain why they weren't so good even though they were hardly worn! I just assumed they were contaminated.
  4. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Are they trick pads? Seem like a pretty common OEM replacement to me🤔 I’m not sure a replacement expensive disc would make much difference on a trials bike if the original one is in reasonable condition. But a nice expensive red anodised brake pedal🤔. Now your talking😊 I guess I need to give it a proper test to let everything bed in but I’m sure a new bike wouldn’t have this problem.
  5. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Yes, I cycled both pistons in the caliper by clamping one and using the lever to push the other one out. I then cleaned the bit sticking out and gave it a quick wipe with brake fluid. Both pistons move easily when the brake is applied. I put new Gold Fren Ceramic Carbon trials pads in. I haven't ridden the bike in anger yet, just up and down the road briefly. I will try the 'get it hot and dowse it with water' thing if I can do it without upsetting the neighbors! :-) Nothing to do with the rear brake but I also fitted an Apico clutch kit (dimpled steel discs and new friction plates) to try and stop the irritating clutch drag. This included putting 1/2lt of expensive HTX 740 gear oil in. 2 of the new Apico friction plates looked slightly different from the rest so I put these in the first and last positions. The old friction plates were approaching their wear limits. First impressions are there is definitely less drag, especially when warm (I'm anticipating it will improve further when 'bedded in a bit more). I also think the new clutch and/or oil have made the operation significantly less fierce which can only be a good thing. Thanks for the suggestions. Are poor rear brakes common on 4RT's? Bruce.
  6. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Thanks for the suggestion. Disc looks o.k. I rubbed both sides on a sheet of 360 grit wet and dry on a surface plate (Ex Toolmaker!). However, it is a little bit scored (I rubbed the worst bits off)
  7. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Still can’t lock the back wheel on tarmac. I have: Replaced pads for Apico items Bled system and replaced fluid with fresh Dot 4 (nice place to put the reservoir!) Rubbed disc with wet & dry on a flat surface plate and cleaned with carb cleaner. Pedal seems there and doesn’t pump up but brake is no where as good as my old gas gas (or even older Tiger Cub come to think of it!) Is it new master cylinder or different/longer aftermarket brake pedal time? Any advice appreciated Bruce
  8. Tiger Cub Modified Gearbox Cover

    I've been preparing my spare Cub for my Son to ride in some Pre 65 trials with me. Since I now have a spare gearbox cover from my Armac Cub, I decided to upgrade my old Cub and fit a clutch lightener, blind cam bush, gear selector oil seal and kick start shaft oil seal. As this bike is running standard road gearing I will also be fitting a 16T primary gear to get 1st and 2nd lower. This bike is running with standard type clutch but with ally end plate and an additional friction plate. Unlike my Armac cover, I had the kick start shaft housing welded where the flat is in this one to prevent the od 28, id 22 x 4 seal breaking through. Bear in mind you still need to be able to get the selector plate pivot pin in and out! I have added some photos as I know some other people were considering this modification. I think I should have taken my own advice and machined the seal recess 4.5mm to 5mm deep instead of 4mm, but I'll see how it goes together! As not everyone has a mill in their shed, I'm assuming someone like UPB can do all this machining for you. I hope this helps someone. Enjoy :-)
  9. Hi New Wobbler From Lincoln

    It may be worth considering doing a 'long distance trial' if you have a road legal bike and appropriate road motorbike license. I've done a few on trail bikes and they are great fun.
  10. Triumph Tiger Cub PVL

    2.5 to 3.0mm btdc
  11. Best u.k training? Trainer?

    I went to “tricks in the sticks” in Kent for a days training with my 2 Sons and 2 other friends a couple of years ago. Had a great day and learnt what I’ve been doing wrong after 40 years trials riding😳😊👍
  12. Tiger Cub Modified Gearbox Cover

    I ran the bike for around 15mins outside my house and no signs of any oil leaks so far. Fingers crossed🤔👍
  13. Trials gloves

    I wear muddy fox mountain biking gloves. £12 from sports direct. Again, I have no association with sports direct.
  14. Tiger Cub Modified Gearbox Cover

    I also forgot to say, my Armac Cub is my ultimate 'state of the art' bike. I also have this slightly more traditional Cub that I have just rebuilt to allow my Son to do some pre 65 trials with his dad :-) This is another bike that I built from bits and pieces. For example the oil tank in made from a piece of Class 465 train cable conduit, the oil filler plug is a used gearbox drain plug from a class 395 high speed train (all from the scrap bin at work). I swapped a few cub wheel bits with Malcolm Simmons for the back wheel out of his green Trials Francis Barnett (I kept it the green he painted it to remember a great guy) I'm no expert rider but I do like modifying and making bits for these old bikes and then trying them out. You can't really do this sort of stuff on a modern bike.
  15. Tiger Cub Modified Gearbox Cover

    Stanmet, thanks for your comments. Nice to know it’s helpful to someone. If you are fitting an outer cover with the kickstart seal I would recommend you get the end of the flat in the casting welded so your seal recess doesn’t break through. However, make sure you leave enough of a flat (or file a small recess) to get the selector pin back in the case. I would probably go 5mm deep on the bored hole too. It doesn’t matter so much on mine because the spring cover, spring retaining washer and kickstart hold my seal in place. I would still love to see what UPB do to modify their kickstart housing. Bruce