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  1. Steering

    Being quite tall, I always thought the handlebars on my Majesty were too far back. so I cut the bar clamps off the top yoke and machined and welded them back on inline with the fork legs, and it steered a lot better
  2. Monday music on Weds!

  3. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    Thanks....... They were Preston Petty's but I'm not sure they still do trials guards. Worth a google though
  4. Monday music on Weds!

    Speaking of the most beautiful music........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3jCFeCtSjk
  5. Monday music on Weds!

    Fantastic to hear that again. I really miss Lowell George
  6. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    My trusty Seeley Honda.
  7. Yorkshire Classic MCC (11/6/18 Jerichi)

    Proper trial .........
  8. Stanhope Classic Trial

    Nice pics Brian. Thanks for posting
  9. Show Us Your Ty

    Couldn't find a dedicated Majesty thread, so I thought I'd post some pics of my Majesty 320............
  10. Show Us Your Greeves

    I know the Greeves traditionalists always poo poo'd them, but I found my Pathfinder really competitive.
  11. TWINSHOCKS ARE A'COMING............

    Here's an interesting one of my cantilever Ossa :
  12. Gaunt Suzuki

    Had a couple of "clockwork mice" back in the day
  13. Scott Trial help, please.

    Sponsored by Wyldes Motorcycles. Roundhay Road In Leeds, I guess ?
  14. Yamaha Ty250 New Carb Problem

    Daft question but, I assume you have got the oil pump disconnected/removed and the manifold oil inlet hole sealed ?
  15. Yamaha Ty250 New Carb Problem

    Has the bike been standing for a while Brian ? It sounds like it might need the crankcase oil seals replacing