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  1. what problems you having?
  2. I've read the whole thread and i'm still none the wiser about how much oil to put in my 06. Can someone in the know please guide me? right fork: left fork: Thanks
  3. I have a friend thats selling an ohlins rear shock that he used for a while on his pro... will this fit my sherco? thanks
  4. Hi guys. I've also had that problem with my 06 sherco. been running it like this for a while now but i think i'll treat myself for xmas and get a new shock.... My question is: will an ohlins shock (off a GGpro) fit my sherco? Many thanks in advance. Peter
  5. timing problem, make sure the flywheel has not moved.
  6. Hi! I'd wait, I heard there are going to be big changes in the 08 4t... At least wait untill the 08 comes out.
  7. Heres my website with pics and vids of me and my intrepid trialing friends... in spanish tho.
  8. Not really... the 4t isnt as competitive as the 2t. Anyway, I believe Cabs rode the 4t in Santigosa... or one of those spanish multi day trials. Did pretty good... But why take the risk competing in the wtc on the 4t, when raga is still on the more snappy 2t...
  9. What years is it?? I cant firgure out wether they have released the 07 repsol yet, or the 06 is still the newest repsol. Can you plug it into you laptop and change the timing maps?
  10. Been havin a few running problems with the sherco lately.... reckon its the carb so I'm gonna take her apart this week and try some new settings. What can you guys recommend? What about fitting a keihin? anyone done it on a stock 06 290?? would it go as nicely as the cabes rep? Thanks in advance. Pete
  11. Tight wad
  12. I reckon so, but there are "different colours for different tastes" as the spanish say. I like the bold, energetic design of the whole bike. Does anyone know when the 4t will be out for sale?
  13. Hiya. Well we did a night trial not long ago, and it was great fun. Lighting depends on where you're going to be riding, if it is pitch black like where we were.... then you will need more lights, 300w spotlights and a generator in our case. Like I said... great fun
  14. I wonder if I was supposed to see that page, as the link I used to access it on shercos website's front page, was quickly removed.... Maybe they were testing the link and I went on the website at the right time to see the banner ?
  15. Well... what dya think?