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  1. 2016 4T Hot ?

    I have a new to me 2016 4t. Hot starting is sometimes quick but sometimes takes quite a number of kicks. A tiny bit of throttle seems to help sometimes. Are there any recommendation to improve hot start? I m using the hot start button. quick kick or slow kick....throttle or no throttle...does ignition map switch make a difference...carb tuning ...or
  2. Rev3 brake pedal fit Evo?

    Will a 2008 Rev 3 brake pedal fit an Evo? It looks to be about 1/2 longer and may give a better feel.
  3. TY175 Progressive Clutch?

    I have a new cable and it is not sticky. The pull is relatively easy. When you let the clutch out, there is not much lever travel between start of engagement and full engagement so it is hard to slip the clutch. So, I guess I'm asking if it could be made more like a modern bike clutch.
  4. TY175 Progressive Clutch?

    I am used to a modern bike. When I ride a TY, I try to ride clutch out. Occasionally, a turn is so tight I pull in the clutch to be able to go slow enough to make it or maybe hesitate before continuing. When I go to let it out, it tends to abrupt at the almost zero speed I'm going. It is probably by design but I was wondering if there was a way to improve. I have the smallest front sprocket (11?) and the stock size rear sprocket.
  5. TY175 Progressive Clutch?

    Is there a way to make the TY175 clutch more progressive? I have the clutch extender and put in some heavier oil such that it drags until warmed up. Those two things helped but I'm wondering if there is anything else.
  6. Rev 3 Cdi Removal?

    I was able to get it out through the top. However, I could not get it started in the sleeve to put it back. I pulled up this old posting and ended up pulling the radiator to reinstall. Thanks
  7. Kick Starting a 2018 Beta Evo 200

    Betas are known as easy starting bikes. I have a 28" inseam and the kickers are a bit high. I have a 75 year old friend that rides a 125 Beta and a 76 year old friend that rides a 250 but they do not have knee issues. You should try them both if you can. Besides starting, you should consider what flavor of power you want. Response, like when double blipping, on the late model Beta 125s is very quick. I have a Rev3 200 and the response was fairly slow. It had more of a smooth tractor feel to it.
  8. C15 trials

    I used a Bultaco Alpina rear wheel. If I remember correctly, all I had to do was make outside spacers to center it in the swing arm. I think the spacers were the same width on each side. The chain was straight and there was clearance but not very much. I have since sold the bike so have nothing to measure. I was amazed how heavy the original brake hubs were on this bike. It was a street bike but the brakes looked like they came from a small car.
  9. C15 trials

    Probably not what you want to hear but I had a similar issue with a C15. Under close inspection, I could see that the cast swing-arm mount was slightly twisted on the frame. I made up some mounts so I could bolt the frame to a bike carrier and used a long (6' maybe) bender bar with pin to pull it straight. It took a lot of force but worked out OK and stayed in place. The only negative was that I did hear one "tink" as it moved. I took a lot of measurements yet never really came up with a great datum or measurement method so it was mostly by eye. After straightening, I had adequate clearance for a 428 chain and small chain guard. While I was at it, I checked the flatness of the swing arm on a surface plate and one leg was higher that the other. As I remember, it was easily straightened when gripped in a vise.
  10. With all of the complaints about hydraulics on modern trials bikes, has anyone tried retrofitting with something like KX65 brakes. Japanese components are very reliable but would MX brakes have the feel needed in trials? KTM50 brakes must be pretty tiny too. Would they be as light as trials components.
  11. lanyard woes

    A lanyard from anything with a battery powered ignition should work. You need one that is normally closed. Street bikes use them at the drag strip. Do watercraft use battery powered ignitions?
  12. Convert a beta 125 to a 200 or 250

    Interesting! Did coming up with the kit involve a lot of experimentation with porting or was it just a drop on?
  13. Convert a beta 125 to a 200 or 250

    I wonder why they only made big bore kits for Gas Gas http://trialendurodirect.com/product/s3-gas-gas-pro-225cc-kits/
  14. Easy to kick over

    I have a friend that rides a Beta 125 just for that reason. It is surprisingly powerful for a 125 and has very quick response, even at elevation.
  15. Using Less Arms?

    lineaway - The link is interesting. What type of electric device do you use and what type of issues does it help. I do use an Armaid and it has helped tremendously but I started getting sore again lately. I have used just for massage but the link shows more of a pressure treatment. https://armaid.com/collections/frontpage/products/armaid-extreme I will try the other suggestions also. Where can I buy some confidence?