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  1. I would just like to chip in if i may. It was 2 an a half years ago i posted that and since then i have since had my mind changed about electric bikes. There is a lot of potential there. I still prefer 2-strokes to 4 bangers but i think electric bikes have come a long way over the last couple of years. Oset in particular have impressed me massively. The Oset bikes are really well designed, really well built, they have PLENTY of punch for the kids who learn on them but are clever with the parental restrictions. Its not just the electric powerplant but little design touches like the enclosed chain that impresses me. I will be buying one for my daughter when she is 8 in May as i don't think there is any better way for her to learn. Their may be a long way to go for the full size bikes but yes i can definately see a future in them. I'm not so big that i cant admit when i was wrong. I would still be grinding up all the diesel powered 4 strokes but thats just me. Each to his own eh.
  2. The suspense is killing me. Get the picture working before i pop.
  3. I am having a go at the electrolyte stripping today. Its all set up and appears to be working. Now i just have to wait and see what happens. I expect it to shift some rust but i dont think it will have much impact on the paint, thats why i was asking about acid dipping. So, does anyone know where i can get phosphoric acid from?
  4. Thanks for that. I thought it was phosphoric acid. is that a definate? I am not looking for an off the shelf treatment, i need a tank of stuff i can use again and again. It is just bodywork i want to dip, i 'm not getting rid of bodies or anything (unless i get a visit from Gordon Brown) I am working for a firm doing classic bike paint jobs. I dont know if i am allowed to give out the web address on here so if anyone is interested in having a look at our website you can PM me. Marcus
  5. ello peeps. This is not strictly about trials but i hope someone can help. I need to know what kind of acid they use for dipping metal petrol tanks etc to remove old paint, rust etc. Plus where can i get enough to make about 50 litres Please only reply if you know for sure as i have had helpful people suggesting lots of stuff (guessing i think) and it just creates confusion. There must be someone on here who has worked for an acid dipping firm. Thanks in advance for any help. Marcus
  6. If you like those then have a look at this i did a while ago. Check out the guy at 2 minutes 26 seconds. Click here
  7. I've posted this on another forum i am in. Too far for me to go but good luck
  8. Hi Bigfoot. I got my dvd last week. Its great, thanks. I'm skint at the mo but i wont forget to send you the fiver when i can. I especially love the screw ups section right at the end. I missed it the first time i watched it because i just saw the credits and assumed that was it. Thanks.
  9. Hokey Dokey. I have received 5 envelopes for stickers and finally got round to posting them off today. I have a few left so if anyone wants some then its first come first served. Thanks to Nick who was the only person to send anything funny and here it is: The U.S. Government asked men from all fifty states who had been in car accidents what they said just before it happened. Forty-nine recalled they had yelled, "Hold on tight, look out!". But what did the red neck from texas yell? "Hold my beer! Watch this!" Well done Nick, you get the larger sticker. Put it on your van or in your car and tell everyone who asks that you got it for being the only person who could be a***d to make me laugh. Dont forget to make your donations to the site. Marcus.
  10. Cool. Its a pity they didnt film the rehersals.
  11. I had a landrover SIII Lightwieght and i noticed that the inlet manifold was leaking at the gasket where it bolted to the motor. Not a problem i thought, i'll just make a new gasket. I carefully took it apart and made a nice new gasket out of a bit of card. Bolted it all back together and it wouldnt start. I flattened the battery trying to get it to run before taking it apart again to discover that i had forgotten to cut the big hole out of the middle of the gasket. You know, the one that lets all the fuel through. D'oh!
  12. As long as they work well you should be o.k.
  13. Have a read of this and let me know what you think. P.S. HOW MUCH!