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  1. No car forums, sorry. I only use cars for transport. I'm on the ( Honda S90 forum, this contains loads of information and many helpfull participants. And my bike is on a French forum ( and on the website of (report of the 2015 Pleasure Plonkers Trial, Eurocup, in Arnhem Holland). And I'm filling my own simple website (in slow progress) describing the build of my Honda S90 trial, Also to help others who want to build something similar. Kind regards, Arie from Holland
  2. Hello Charlie, That's a really nice bike, your Mini Otter. With the affordable engine you apply there is no worry about availability of parts. It would fit in the twinshock competition in Holland. There are some in competition using a XYZ or similar engine in a Montesa frame. I use a Honda S90 trial special (Ives inspired) with the original engine (slightly upgraded), but parts are not so easy to find for a 50 year old S90 engine. I can't find prices of the Mini Otter on your very nice website. Kind regards, Arie from Holland.
  3. This Fraser was rebuild by a very skilled mechanic from Holland. I had first option to buy the bike before he started to work on the bike. But I did not go through with the sale because I started the build of my Ives S90 Honda trial (almost done). I have 2 more pictures of your bike, when it was still 280 cc. If you're interested please send me a mail at arie ad and I'll send them to you.
  4. There is an old 4 page article by Mike Nicks testing the Allan Jefferies XL250 Honda with a lot of information. Enjoy. Arie from Holland
  5. Hello Alberto, Please try: st_bianchi(ad) (ad) = @ Please give him my regards, Arie from Holland
  6. For the 300 there is a little difference according to my book. Carburator PHBH 26 BS Maximum jet 108 Needle X5 The rest is the same. Succes, Arie from Holland
  7. Some pictures may be helpfull to diagnose your kickstarter problem Kind regards, Arie
  8. You could try a new, clean sparkplug. Maybe the old one became dirty. Succes
  9. Manual of "301" shows: Single Shock System. Manual of "301 progress 2" shows: Single Shock System (in different typeset). First series 201 was styled identical to the "301" first series (red/white) Kind regards, Arie from Holland
  10. hello Scorpa250, How is the fueltap working. Do you get enough fuel in the carburator? Maybe the tap is (partly) blocked by 8 years pf storage. Succes, Arie from Holland
  11. Hello Mike, There are 2 trial Stornello's in Holland as far as I know, and I spotted a "German" Stornello at the Sleen Trial last year. I will not be at Baarlo, I started last Saturday in Arnhem but I'm hopelesly out of shape and had to stop (and I'm allready a modest trialist :>) So I'll compete again next year, after more training, and probably on my Fantic 125 1978. The Guzzi is all sorted and has been at the Dynojet testbank last month for final adjustment of the carburator. I mainly used it for training, and two or three trials in Holland (sand and grass). The bike is to powerfull for me in competition in sand and I'm offering it for sale/swap in Holland at the moment. I'm looking for a swap with a very tidy Yamaha TY175/250 or Fantic 200. I won't get the money back I invested but it's a shame to keep the bike in stock just to have an occasional look at it. I'm also open to (swap)offers from the UK or Germany. Kind regards, Arie from Holland.
  12. Still thinking about your problem. The reading of your plug suggests that there are no sparks at intervals. In older engines the copper statorwindings can be damaged/cracked by age. You don't have trouble at first with a cold engine, but as soon as the engine warms up the cracks will open and trouble begins. I didn't read you have changed this part, maybe there is also a possibility to borrow for the test? Kind regards, Arie from Holland
  13. Nice pics, Thanks Arie
  14. Hallo, I owned some monoshock Fantics (201, 301 and 310 progress II). Looking at your information your's is part Fantic 201 (301 has a different engine/cilinderhead). And the frontfork is nice, but not for this bike. Should be single disk brake. There is a lot of good stuff for sale in Hergenroth Germanty at the Eurocup trial this weekend. If you know someone who is going make some arrangements Succes, Arie from Holland
  15. There is a new seller on the e-bay market with the aluminium exhausts. They are selling for euro 130,00 + shipping euro 20,00. Link: Kind regards, Arie