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  1. Questions re: 1987 Montesa 335

  2. Flywheel Extractor

    M27 x 1,25
  3. Hi From Italy

    welcome to TC
  4. Any Reviews On The Combat

    In holland we call tyres for offroad use sometimes "noppen" tyres. The magazine is 100% devoted to off road bikes
  5. Honda Rtl Silencer.

    Looks great
  6. "my" Rtls

    Franck, Ou nibe, mais l'an dernière j'ai t'dit que zob en néerlandais est "LUL"
  7. "my" Rtls

    Is there a list available with traders and exhibitors at the Telford classic motorshow?
  8. Fantic 303 - Rear Shock.

    Your fantic is a serie 1
  9. '84 300 Pro ?

    Yes it can without splitting the cases. Remove ignition, and on the other side the clutchcover and balance weight (flywheel)
  10. Fit A Battery?

    Pictures spacer are from www.montesa4rt.nl
  11. Rtl Oil Cooler

    This is my solution
  12. Fantic 200 Tank Cap

    On the outside of the vent tube there is a tiny ring who locks the inside part.
  13. "my" Rtls

    Where are the pictures of this magnificent project ?
  14. 1985 Rtl Rear Wheel Offset

    I'am in the process of restoring a RTL250 from 1985. At this moment i'am busy with the wheels. Both wheels need new spokes and rims. I have measured the offset of the wheels but i have doubts on the rear wheel. I have measured 7,5mm. At this moment i don't have the possibility to line out with the front wheel or what ever. Does anyone know the real offset or is 7,5 mm OK ?