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  1. Put a new coil and plug cap on tonight and started up second kick, after 20 min riding the plug was very slightly oily but with no soot, i still think it is a bit rich but hopefully will be cured with a little fine tuning, sparks very well now so hopefully the plug wont foul. Nick
  2. Hi there Thanks for the reply, the plug looks black and sooty but is not particularly wet, you can wipe the soot off with a cloth but it has ussualy wrecked the plug by then, im not sure if a poor spark at low revs would result in this, i think i shall replace the coil, having tested with a multimeter the resistance is way too high i think there is a break in the wire just hoping it cures it as im nearly at a loss with this problem having tryed every think i can think of with the carb. Cheers Nick
  3. My ty 250 85 or 86 model seems to soot up it's plug after about 20 min of rideing, im am in the process of renovating it and have done the main bearings and seals, decoked and repacked the exshaust, replaced the reeds and rejetted the tk carb to 38 pilot 145 main and set the float height to 25mm. I have just checked the resistansis of the ignition according to the manual and have found that the coil was quiet a bit off wot it should be, so my question is could it be the coil that is causing the sooting up, i dont want to just buy a new one if there is no chance that this could be the problem. Thanks Nick
  4. Hi I have a ty 250 monoshock that i am restoring, I think it is an 85 or 86 with a red frame and forks, i was just wondering if any one new of good match for the frame and also for the white tank. Thanks Nick
  5. I have a 2005 280, it has always seems to be a bit louder than other gassers and pops and burbles on pick up from low revs, it also pops alot on over run. I have recently repacked the exhaust and have played around a bit with the jetting, i am currently running 118 main 38 pilot clip 2nd from top and boyseen reeds. I have also cleaned up the earths and fitted a new plug cap and lead thinking it might be electrical but no change, just wondering if anyone has any idears.
  6. Will definatley try that, raising the needle seems to help a bit but dosent cure it, havent noticed any rattling, but it does pop and burble at low revs but under load ie. riding up a steep hill it runs very smoothly, if it wasnt for the exhaust popping on throttle off i wouldnt know there was any problem. I have just retarded the timing a bit to hopefully smooth it out further.
  7. I have a 2005 280, the bike ticks over nicely and revs up very cleanly but on overun it tends to pop 3 or 4 times ussally as it reaches lower revs. Its running a 118main and a 38 pilot with boysen dual stage reeds. I have checked for air leaks and have recently cleaned the exhuaust repacked the silencer and sealed the various joints but still it does it, interestingly if you rev it up and then flick the choke it dosent pop at all which makes me think its a fuel problem, the bike runs fine apart from this so am not sure if this is just something they do.