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  1. Water Tank For Petrol Power Hose

    See if you can get hold of an old water tank from a caravan, most of them hold between 50 and 100 litres, a few little adjustments and they stand on there side in the van taking up no room, all you need to do is add a take off that suits you, works a treat.you might have to blank off a few holes as well though.
  2. Hello From Essex

    Yep sounds good to me, i need alot more practise. a good website for you is Click me its the bexleyheath site and will help you look for some local events if you want to do some watching, theres a round of the NKTC at Canada heights on the 4th nov. thats just near Brands Hatch so quite close as well.
  3. Hello From Essex

    Basildon, i am not a member of southend club though, i belong to bexleyheath club which has some excellent grounds in north kent. if you need any details for poles wood then just give me shout, or if you go down to the secret nuclear bunker opposite the entrance of poles wood you can ask them to send you a membership form.
  4. Hello From Essex

    front room and seph , what parts of essex are you from ? there is a good training ground in kelvedon hatch just outside brentwood, called poles wood. you pay a yearly membership and
  5. Hebo Eco 2 Boots

    I bought a pair of eco2 boots and found that there a bit tuff to break in, i've had to soak them twice in dubbing to get a bit of flex in them, the soles are good and grippy though. also found that the toe tops of the boots are very stiff and dont seem to soften up.
  6. Road Legal Tyres?

    Michelin X11 tyres are road legal in the UK. as long as you can read the mark on the tyre wall that says MST ( multi surface tread ) they will pass an MOT and the nice gentlemen in blue will check this when they pull you over asking who stole your seat !!
  7. Aprilia Climber Anyone?

    Well i used to have a climber, beast of a bike but totally bullet proof. Anyway i was trawling through a load of stuff on the pc trying to clean it up a bit and came across a Marzocchi fork manual for usd forks on a pdf file. So if you want a copy then p.m. with your e-mail and i'll send it off. Its just over a 2 meg file.
  8. 98/99 Montesa 315r Clutch Problems?

    12.5 mltrs per litre or 62.5 mltrs per 5 litres. Thats what i put in mine and never had a problem.
  9. Openfree Trials

    I had to read the article twice to understand it, but being a novice myself i think it might offer something a bit different. it looks like a good concept but putting into practise might give you a headache for the first few times. looking forward to it .... if it happens...................
  10. Securing Trials Bikes In A Twin Cab Pickup

    YOU HAVE USED WORDS OR A PHRASE WHICH ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THIS WEBSITE. PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST/TOPIC. DO NOT TRY TO CIRCUMVENT THE FILTERS IN PLACE ON THIS WEBSITE do a good product for that thats removable as well, and can also be secured. Click here to see hope this helps..
  11. 96 Techno Clutch Drag

    My sons got a 94 techno that suffered the same when he got it, tried the oil change and that made no difference, ended up changing all the plates and started running it on PJ1 clutch tuner oil 80w and never had a problem since and its been well used and abused for the last 2 years like that, also change the oil after about 10 - 15 hours running time. hope this helps
  12. Bt Homehub

    Buy a voip from tesco's works a treat.........................
  13. What's Your Job?

  14. Boots Care After Ride

    All i do with mine is pressure wash them when i do the bikes and every 4th ride coat them in Mink oil, leave overnight and wipe off the excess, protects all the stitching and makes them waterproof as well..........Mink oil is made by a company called Oregon, cant remember where i got it from now but i bought loads at the time and i've got loads left.............good for bike leathers as well
  15. Any Trials On In Kent This Sunday?

    First question is are you a member of any trials clubs in kent if so then i'll p.m. some details.