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  1. I'm trying to find a pair of the above but have found that XC-ting are no longer trading. Gate3 have some but only size Small. . Does anyone know where I can source a pair, please? Thanks.
  2. Hi Beta-freaks, I'm thinking of getting a 200 as I'm finding a 250 is a bit too much and a 125 isn't quite enough, if you see what I mean. I've recently been in touch with Chewy and Doogle who both rate the Evo 200 highly. Wondered if there's anyone else out there in TrialsCentralLand who will share their opinions about these bikes, please. The left sided kick start on my old 250 Techno was a pain but 200cc must be a bit easier to turn over..........? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Chewy, I'll give him a look. . How do you get on with your Evo 200? I'm finding a 250 is too much and a 125 is not quite enough (Gas Gas both). I had a Beta Techno but didn't like the left sided kick starter much. Maybe a 200 is easier to kick over with my gammy left leg. . Thanks.
  4. I must be getting too old. I've been looking round for some new riding gear and everything on offer (in the UK at least) makes you look like a tart. Isn't there a market for some gear that's a little bit more tasteful? Maybe it's just me.............
  5. Yes, it's another TY80 rebuild question. Sorry. I've just got hold of a well beaten up TY80 and would like to knock it into some kind of shape. It isn't going to be concours; just tidy and safe to ride. The first things it'll need are new mudguards. New OEM ones (if a back one could even be sourced) will cost about
  6. Thanks, Bigfoot. How much would you like for the tank and any idea of postage cost? Assuming it has stickers on what model is it from?
  7. I'm sure I'm not alone with this problem - and apologies if it's been covered before. The tank on my '03 250 Pro has a small leak which is a pain. The previous owner has tried to repair it with that 'plastic metal' two part epoxy whateveritis stuff. Which hasn't really worked.... I was wondering if anyone has had success using the liquid 'tank seal' products that're on the market? If you have can you tell me what the procedure is, too, please? Many thanks.
  8. Any suggestions, please. Over the last few days the 'feel' at the clutch lever has changed and it now requires quite a bit more effort to pull the lever to the handlebar. I'm wondering if this is likely to be the slave cylinder gaskets neeeding to be replaced or if the clutch pack needs replacing. I did replace the clutch pack about 2 years ago and the bike hasn't been used a whole lot during that time. Maybe 30 trials-ish. Any help gratefully received.
  9. Thanks for all the help. . I'll give it another go on Saturday. . Keep your feet up..........
  10. Wonder if Trials Central readers can help me, please. Bike in question is a Gas Gas TXT Pro 250 03. Hylomar: I'm fitting a head spacer and need to coat the spacer with 'a thin and even' coat of Hylomar. Problem is I can't coat the whole area before the stuff dries as it goes off so quickly. I'm ending up with a lumpy, uneven coverage. Coolant Drain Plug: Usual problem I guess: the plug has tightened up over time and the Allen key hole has rounded off. I've tried cutting a slot in it, to use a flat bladed screwdriver, but this hasn't worked. Any idea how to get it out so I can fit a new one? Exhaust Middle Box. Despite repacking the final silencer my bike is more noisy than most Pro's. The middle box is clogged with the usual black gunge, which could explain it. Any suggestions as to how to clear it? Can't say I fancy using heat, so would caustic soda do it? I think this box is steel so the caustic soda/alloy issue doesn't apply. Many thanks, in advance, for any help.
  11. Jon, Good idea! Thanks. I'll give it a go tonight, if I can. Regards, Chris.
  12. Thanks for the replies gents. I did screw the allen bolt back and tap the pivot bolt through but I can't get enough grip on the other end with my mole grips. So, I'll see if I can find a same-size bolt to use as a 'drift'. Regards, Chris.
  13. I've just been taking the shock off and disassembling the linkage and want to take the swinging arm out. Also, I've just come in for a cuppa......... Before coming in I took off the allen headed swinging arm bolt that's adjacent to the rear brake cylinder and had a quick look around. It doesn't seem obvious how you get the 'rest' of the swinging arm bolt out. I was expecting to see the threaded end of the bolt, and to tap it out gently - but there isn't any bolt to tap! Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Chris.
  14. The spring broke on my chain tensioner and I've been trying to fit the new one. Seems like you need to have the strength of King Kong, and at least three arms, to do this. Has anyone got any tips on how to get the little blighter on, please. Thanks.
  15. Thanks, Jon, but that was the first place I looked. The info is pretty 'general' stuff with nothing as specific as I need. Regards, Chris.