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  1. If you look at the World Cup entries this year, a lot of the "youths" in the 16-18 age group have made the jump directly into the blue line rather than riding green. So not sure looking at youth entries this year is an apples to apples comparison. The young guys are making the jump to the 300 now that they are not limited by the rules, and I don't think you will find it is harming them much! In some ways, it's better they get on the big bike sooner and learn throttle control and how to use the full range of power, rather that the pure rev and go 125 style.
  2. You can fly directly into A Coruna from Barcelona... Check Vueling as well as others out of BCN.
  3. Yeah, a bunch of the Sherco team are there having fun and helping out at the Youth Nationals, then heading to the Ute Cup. Wish I was out there in the Colorado mountains!
  4. You bet! He rode it two years ago with Sammy Fastle and Daniel Blanc Gonnet and they all had a blast, and it fits the schedule this year, so he's out there for a great weekend!
  5. Wow, a possible site with lodging and facilities is a gift from above! Line is right about being driven by a local club, and a few dedicated souls, but even with the lack of a local club at the moment, might be of interest if we can gather some individuals willing to put in the effort that are close enough. Will give NATC a heads up on the interest by the owner and see if we can generate any traction. Pete, if you PM me some details, I'll carry this forward and advise.
  6. The event will be held in Kingman, AZ which is at altitude, and the temps are much more agreeable! Think 80's not 100's! The last two Nationals there have been wonderful weather, and the location is going to be a treat!
  7. A true work of love Biff! Good man, she'll be a happy lady!
  8. Hey Biff! We are excited and crazy trying to get sorted too. Prepping and loading, guys get back late Monday from Sweden, and we make the drive to Nebraska starting Tuesday afternoon. See you out there!
  9. Thanks for the pic Andy! That's my Boy! Andrew had a really tough day Saturday with some mechanical issues, and then rushing to make up time was taking points, but today was better. Bryan Roper had a couple good days to kick of the European tour for the guys.
  10. Oh boy… I don't know that guy!!
  11. The next great step would be to get MAV to cover the NATC Nationals again, as they did in 2010…
  12. Reiger makes a Sherco specific model. We are running it, and it is a marked improvement over the stock shock.
  13. Thanks for kind words guys… I guess for a kid, he isn't all bad! We would love to do England this year, but he turns 16 on July 30, so Spain is the only round he can ride in WTC this year. Next year we are hoping to make the WTC rounds in Europe/UK that do not conflict with the US National schedule.
  14. Thanks for that JR - Andrew has no interest in any other disciplines at the moment. He's a Trials rider through and through, and has his heart and mind set on competing at the World level… In fact, we are on our way back over to Europe in August, and he will ride the European Youth Championship round in Belgium, followed by the FIM 125 Cup rounds in Spain.
  15. In addition to the thicker sump guard, it is a good idea to cut/trim the rubber that sits between the guard and the case. You cut off the piece that is approx 3" long x 3/4" wide (give or take) that is just below the outer case section on the brake side (not talking about the clutch cover, but rather the case section it bolts to). Pretty sure there is a mold line in the rubber that can be used as your cutting guide. On hard impacts the rubber can smash up into the case, slightly bending the outer case, causing oil leaks at the case seam.