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  1. I have one somewhere as I have dropped the foot pegs on mine so I am using one I made. I will have a look tomorrow. See pics below of before and after
  2. Actuator pictures
  3. I fitted one and it's really good, clears fully and has reasonable feel. The clutch i fitted was a second hand ybr 125 clutch but I have dumped the bantam actuator and made my own cam type unit which may help with the feel!? Ian
  4. Don't use PJ1.... I used it on my Cota 200 3 years ago and it was great so I used it this year on my 242 but I think the formula has changed as it is not petrol resistant any more! A small splash of petrol just dissolved it, I thought this WA because it had not cured as the engine had not run much but after two days of running it looked a mess so I had to repaint. I was able to wash off the paint with petrol as if it was a kids water colour! I have now used VHT case paint it's better to apply and is petrol proof but not rock proof!
  5. I have had a new mikuni but now use a Dellorto which is just a bit sharper same jets as a Gas gas 125!
  6. It's just a 5 minute job just line it up so it engages in the right place! But hard to explain
  7. All you need to know here
  8. Hi, My 242 is nearly finished and I was wondering what the best gearing is? It's the early version with the low primary gearing so when new would have 10 front and 38 back sprockets, when I got it it was 9 - 38 but I only rode it for a few minutes. I would rather not have a 9 on the front so maybe 10-40 or 42? Anyone out there with recommendations. Ian
  9. I use 10 - 42 and it works well I can use 1st and 2nd in most sections and hardly use the clutch. It's also quite a bit lower geared than modern bikes so it may just seem slower to me
  10. Ant idea which way the rubber reducing ring should go? I guess the alignment mark at the top facing away from the carb!
  11. And without travelling more than 50 miles
  12. Next step is to put some flags in to define where you turn! Start with them about where you were going on the video then start making them tighter. Ian
  13. I think those tensioners were after market ones as I had 2 new 200's in the olden days...... We can talk about it in the rain tomorrow
  14. They had chain tubes when new that kept the chain off the swinging arm and no tensioner. I made my own slipper and fitted a universal tensioner from Trialsbits
  15. But more expensive than the Elf HTX! Would like to be paying£10 per litre rather than £28