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  1. Sherpa fork caps

    How did you seal the caps?
  2. Fancy Kick Starter Lever

    Was there a left side kick Gas Gas? If so I can't imagine that'd be easy to find.
  3. IRC Winner trials tyre codes

    Any chance you've fitted a tube type tire to a tubeless rim, or vice versa?
  4. Trial bike for single trail riding

    Trials tires are superior to knobbies. 200cc should be fine as long as you're not at high elevation. You should try to get a ride on a Trials bike with seat on it to make sure it will work for you. The seat is clearly an afterthought and not that comfortable or practical unless you're on a smooth road, although it might work better for someone with short legs. The effort to lift yourself up to standing position from the seat will probably me more than you're used to. Do whatever you gotta do to keep riding.
  5. Leonelli 1210

    The Follow Up I never did find any info about the Leonelli part #, but after being blown off by both North American Scorpa importers, who apparently couldn't be bothered to find the current Scorpa part # which they most likely had in stock, June at Birkett Motorsport came through and posted me the rectifier I needed. Now that I have the new part # I'm sure I could order it here in the USA. Glad to have it sorted out, but it shouldn't be that hard.
  6. Beta rev 3 2000 model

    All the metal parts you mention are interchangeable with other years and even other brands. Good luck on the plastics. The later Revs airbox was an improvement over yours, but even those fenders may be getting hard to find by now.
  7. Leonelli 1210

    Thanks, they also list the part I need here http://www.thehellteam.com/fan-regulator.html I'm pretty sure one of the others will work with just connector changes but I'd like to get specs to confirm so. Note the different terminology regulator vs rectifier.
  8. Decent trials tyre

    I've seen them here in the USA using inexpensive dual sport tires, Shinko, Kenda, etc. Whatever fits and has a vaguely Trialsy tread pattern.
  9. Leonelli 1210

    Thanks for the advice, I've been waiting for a response from Birkett. Kevin at Scorpa USA, who imported and sold the bike in 2011, told my local dealer that we were on our own trying to find this part. They apparently have no interest in, or intention of, helping source or identify the part.
  10. Leonelli 1210

    Yes, it looks like that but with one different connector, which I could change if I knew that they were functionally equivalent.
  11. Leonelli 1210

    I need a replacement rectifier for an older Scorpa that, as yet, I haven't been able to source through Scorpa sources. It is the little black box plugged into the fan that most of us have seen on Trials bikes. It is marked Leonelli with a number 1210 stamped into it. I can't find any reference to it on the internet and Leonelli seems to have no presence here in the USA for me to contact. Can anyone suggest where I can find this part or get specs for it so I can replace it with something else? I don't know, for example, if it also regulates voltage or has any other functions.
  12. Decent trials tyre

    The 250 pound motorcycle is likely a factor. I think the MT43 may have stiffer sidewalls than the Pirellis you used in the old days.
  13. Decent trials tyre

    I believe the Montesa uses a different brand of tubeless rim DID vs Morad (my 4RT did), one might be better than the other but both are used on Trials bikes.
  14. Decent trials tyre

    Morad rims with the rubber band as used on trials bikes for many years. Once when riding my KTM across a long off camber slab the tire burped out all it's air but didn't unseat. It takes just the right combination of forces to make it happen. If I maintain a minimum of 6PSI I've never had a problem.
  15. Decent trials tyre

    I have two enduro bikes with tubeless rear rims. The MT43 will occasionally unseat and lose it's air at pressures below 6psi. I assume it's a result of the stiff bias ply sidewall.