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  1. for anyone who's interested here's a good little site I came upon while looking for a spindle bolt. they have a few parts that may be interchangeable with other bikes. Kick starters etc, don't know what the quality would be but I'm thinking can't go to wrong with a bolt at least you can go wrong haha it's not in stock
  2. Thanks feetup, I'm thinking the ones on offer are the larger diameter like you said. I think the part number for Ty is 525 231 2400 but I tried cross referencing on another Yamaha website and the forks I could get are part 315 2312450. I think I'll pass on them. I seen online you can get reground and rechrome for £150 ish which isn't too bad for what is involved and at least they would be as good as new. I'll definitely look into the cr80 option though, so thanks for that. I'm not sure if the company's that offer reground service would turn away extremely pitted forks or is it salvageable. Ill post a pic when I get a chance
  3. Hi guys, a quick question, the fork tubes on the ty are in poor condition. I'm thinking I could have them reground and rechromed somewhere. But I have been offered a pair of DT 175 tubes, not immaculate but a lot better than what's currently on. I appreciate the legs may be different but what's the chances of the Ty and DT sharing the same stanchion tubes? thanks steve
  4. I got the swing arm out today, chopped the bolt between the swingarm and frame. I had to carefully grind the head off the bolt to allow the frame to spread enough to get clearance to get a hacksaw blade in. I can confirm though, there is no amount of hammering the end of the swingarm bolt would ever release from the spacer tube. It's definitely just a chop and replace job when it gets that seized in. Not sure either about the bolt at either end. Wonder if it's been a modification someone has done?
  5. Thanks for looking feetup, much appreciated. I'll get a high tensile bolt it's only £6 inc postage. I'll try our local engineering company's first but I have my doubts.
  6. Ah, excellent I'll look that up. I use yambits for a lot of the spares. They seem very reasonable in their prices. I ordered the all balls kit and I was looking up bolts on the Internet. I found high tensile bolts the right length I think I'll use and also found a stainless bolt, marginally longer but it could be possibly cut down and re threaded a little. I thought the stainless might be less prone to seizing up. But the high tensile will probably be stronger and as long as you keep on top of the maintenance from now on, shouldn't be an issue. Cheers
  7. That's the one at £110, I've used them in the past and can't fault their service but the only difference to that kit and the one from allballs 28-1135 is the bolt and nut, making the bolt and nut £80
  8. Hi there, I've recently taken on a new ty 175 project, she needs it all. The ty 80 I did for my boy last year was just as bad and turned out nice. I've started stripping the frame to get it shot blasted but when I went to remove the swingarm I got the standard seized bolt. Doing searches basically states the only way forward at this point is cut the bolt free and replace the bushes, bearings etc. I would be doing this anyway but I'm wondering where can you buy a replacement bolt? Or is it simply a case of measurement and order a bolt from anywhere that will sell a m12 bolt in the right length or is there somewhere you can buy direct. I did see a website selling a kit for £110 which was bushes etc inc said bolt but I see eBay places selling all balls kits without bolt for £30 ish could the bolt really be worth £80 lol
  9. What a very detailed explanation, that makes sense to me! Thankyou very much for taking the time to write that up, very much appreciated. I've taken what you said onboard and got her timed up today. Now she's running a beauty. Couple of small jobs to do and then she's ready to hand over to my son for his 6th birthday. Thanks again to all who have contributed on this thread.
  10. Ok, finally got her running. New condenser, ht spark plug cap, spark plug. She desperately needs tuning, but I'm wondering if someone can clarify my method of setting the timing, I set the timing how I think it should have been. It started second kick and was idling but could not take any throttle at all!! So I just tweeked the points in either direction and the first time I was that far off it wouldn't start, so a tweet in the other direction and voila!! She's running and fairly crisp of the throttle, but a tiny flat spot, so my "guess work" on the points must be in the ball park but will need setting correctly. So here's how I set the points, if anyone can correct me if I'm wrong it would be much appreciated. 1) find TDC 2) rotate flywheel clockwise until 1.8 BTDC is found 3) wedge flywheel at this point and set points to 0.014in or 0.35. Is this correct or am I doing it wrong? cheers Edit, just found the online manual guide someone has posted, so I think I have been doing it slightly wrong, I need to get the points to just start to open at 1.8 btdc, and the gap setting is not really adjustable it just needs to be between 0.3 and 0.4 and if it falls out of that spec then the points are worn. Would this be the correct technique? I'm probably making something simple, complicated.
  11. Hi jbird, it's not sparking at all now. I've put a tester lamp between the source coil and earth and getting zero. I haven't got the multimeter on it yet, but I think there's no point. I'll need to order another tune up kit. I suspect the condenser has completely shorted or something, like b40rt mentioned. But just rule out a loose connection on the points I may as well replace them too. I'm wondering if condensers are generally universal and I could get say a heavier made one and mount it else where. But for convenience I'll probably just get the standard condenser. Just fingers crossed it's not the actual windings themselves that's gone.
  12. Ha, you couldn't make this up. Went to the sons ty this morning, blue spark, put plug in and it starts first kick. Running great for about 1-2 minutes then nothing like you've hit the kill switch. Pull plug and no spark. So put a tester on the end of the source coil lead, put in gear and spin over and nothing, so like b40rt says must be the condenser. Best bit is though, a friend comes over with his new montesa, so we go out for a play, him on his montesa and me on my gas gas. We've been out an hr or so and we swap bikes. Ten minutes later I notice him trying to start mine. I ride over and he says it just stopped, I try and it fires and runs for a few seconds but won't Rev, so back to mine, pull the plug and surprise surprise no spark!! Well a poor orange one. I had a new spare plug, put that one in, way hay blue spark! Up she fires, and off we go again. What is it with me and electrics lol, I think I need to stick to pedal power.
  13. Ok, I'll get another and try it. Frustrating when I was running so good, the few times I was on it.
  14. still not sorted, really frustrated. Sparks when it feels like it. Even the plug I thought was duff is now sparking like lightning show, no idea now. Still won't start. Going to have to leave it before I lose it!
  15. Hi Stan, not a problem about the woodruff, worth a check. I needed to take the flywheel off anyway to check the wires I soldered onto the condenser. My lesson to myself is to not assume a brand new plug is working as it should. I did state in my original post it had a good blue spark, that must have been while it was out, and under compression it was failing, until now it's totally failed.