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  1. Definitely something wrong with that hill climb - I saw John Crinson pass through the ends at 60mph, possibly too fast for the observer to get his number - bet he's a bit upset
  2. how much oil do you put in the petrol?
  3. wake up windlestone,just join the fun regards Mr.A.P. Rifoul
  4. Quite simple really, remove both wheels, swing arm, forks, yokes, handlebars, rear mudguard, airbox, exhaust and engine. Then you'll be left holding the petrol tank. Hope this helps.
  5. I have the same problem and am about to ream the hole out and fit a thin bush. The shaft does not appear to be too worn. I may try to include a grease nipple while I'm on to prevent the same thing happening again as the original set up has only lasted 20 years!
  6. results on north berks website now
  7. Sorry I'm missing out on something here, what's the REP exhaust - can someone enlighten me. I need a system and was considering a WES but would like to know about this one as well. Thanks.
  8. Well found Rob, that will make life a lot easier when wanting to order parts for TLR's. Only problem will be getting them after that. Thanks a lot
  9. Ginger that was a real witty reply We have a Citroen Despatch which is spot on for what we need. I can drive it just like a car during the week and at week-ends we have a variety of options........ 1. As (up to) a six seater with loads of luggage space and three bikes on the trailer 2. As a four seater with 3 bikes (2 in the van and another on the bike rack) and enough space for luggage 3. As a three seater with 3 bikes in the van and not much luggage space 4. Any other combination of the above??? I have fiited 3 single rear seats which slide in and out on tracks so can be removed in less than 2 minutes each. It is fairly well carpeted out in the back which has helped reduce noise levels dramatically and the next project will be to introduce some high shelves to increase load space. Does anyone have any other interesting ideas on what can be done to these vans. eg. Can you get hold of small awnings to fit the side or back, which would be useful to camp in during the better weather months?