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  1. Majesty's are Twinshock's.Dished Sprocked is for 428 Chain,flat one's are for 520 chain.
  2. Here you can get them:
  3. Try Moro in Varese,they defenetly can help you.
  4. I have a few Sachs powerd bikes in my Garage.Use full synthetic oil with a 50:1 Ratio.
  5. Here is one for sale:
  6. Well we had this back in the day's called"Badge Engeneering".A Laverda was a American Eagle,a Royal Enfield was a Indian,a Hercules was a Piror,Sachs or JB,a Horex was a Z├╝ndapp,a SIS Sachs was Real,a Puch was a Riverside,just a few to Name.Just put other Stickers on the bike and it got a new Name.
  7. Sounds good Javier or Saturday some nice bisqutis and beer at our stand.
  8. Will be there,meet me at hall 2 stand b27.
  9. Is that a Yamaha Frame with Bultaco engine?
  10. One year there was a Panther(pink)in the Manx 2 Day Classic Trial,was it you gauterk?
  11. Riding gear looks a bit posh.
  12. Me too
  13. Sometimes smal countrys used the bikes for their Police or army.The Army of Swaziland orderd in the late 70's early 80's a bunch of 125 Ducati Six Days Models.As i was looking for parts a few years ago my mate Bruce from Johannisburg said that parts for this Ducati are no Problem.It was like haven,new Barrels,pistons,ignitons,snail cams etc.
  14. Hamish, i absolutly agree.We have this in the Moment in the Hercules Owners Forum.There is a jung lad restoring a early 70's Hercules.Then it came to the day do work on the wheels,all the wise guy's said to him how to do it.So he sandblasted and polished the hubs.orders new rims and spokes(all online)then he tryed to respoke the wheels,totaly Desaster,wrong spokes,too Long, se,same,next same.At that time he spent a fortune on spokes.Then i sent him a pm and told him that i know a guy in our area who can do the Job with labour and new stainless steal spoke for 75 Euro ish per wheel.Before he retiered he had his own buisness,so he knows what to do.Anyway the Young lad said to me,oh that is expencive.I said,Young man you spent nearly the tripple Money on wrong spokes and you have no wheels.I could not understand this. Mike
  15. Not shure,but could be Suzuki(Beamish)or Yamaha DT.If you look inside the Brackeplate you will find numbers and a sign of the brand/make. Mike