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  1. 2T , will try with the flexible screw driver, still do not understand why Beta stop installing the flex line on the carb, probably cost. Thank you
  2. Hi, I purchase a 2013 evo250 fact, to my surprise the carburetor air screw does not have the flex remote line that my evo 2009 did have. Now with out this flex line it is almost impossible to adjust the air screw without removing the muffler. Were can I purchase the air screw flex line ? I look at part number and they are all the same from 2009 to 2013. steven
  3. Beta please release the 2013 beta factory, spring is coming
  4. Will try to wait till march or I will order a reg. evo 250
  5. How do you like your factory model ?
  6. Get a TRP , very good quality shock.
  7. Does any body know when the Beta evo Factory will be available ? Thank you
  8. I did have the Ti exp from Beta before and did not found any change in torque or power except of weight saving.
  9. I did have a Arrow exhaust on my evo250 and it make a big difference. I found the power coming to slow from stop to mid range and the exhaust did exactly what i whant. More lower power and more snappy (not to mutch) just enought. Stephane
  10. Yes they just made a reiger for the Beta but it is very very expensive ( around 1300$) . The TRP was made first for the montesa and after they start making some for the EVO . The TRP is a very good quality shock and can be rebuilt . I could feel the difference in the traction and you can very feel the rebound changing with just a 2 -3 clicks. What is nice about it is you do not need to removed the fender to adjust the rebound , just go under the linkage and you can use your finger to turn the nub. Price of the TRP is cheaper around 800$. I am selling mine because i sold the bike. I do not have any info on the Öhlins.
  11. Did see a TRP shock for sale on Ebay
  12. I like to change the front fork on my beta evo for somethink better. Can i have some feed back about the SHOWA FORK. Are they good quality vs the piaoli fron beta Thank you Stephan
  13. I like to know if anybody did try a showa fork on a beta evo. Any feed back about the quality of this fork vs the OEM from beta. Thank you Stephan
  14. REIGER suspension just releise a new shock for the beta evo. I think this will be the best shock on the market . The unit can be adjust for compression and rebound . I do have the TRP shock very good unit but i think i will sell mine to try this new shock.
  15. Check this out , Reiger is making a shock for the EVo .This shock can be ajusted on rebound and compression.