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  1. Part no.49.00-068 for frame no. up to 1832/ part no.80.00.068 for frame no. 1833 onwards
  2. Ah that what it is a Y not a V thanks Bought some once when I couldn't get a S in town didn't notice any difference in the running though
  3. Doesn't the V on the bp5ev spark plug just mean a v'ed out electrode
  4. Yes they are the models I call Soler as wellThe later models are nice bikes but the earlier models up to and including the Soler models were a piece of art in my opinion
  5. I suppose you could say that Paco is Bultaco Nothing really special happened after the Soler Sherpas in my opinion
  6. I've also been using IRC tubed (49,125) and tubeless (183) with no problems on my Bultacos
  7. Most have probably read this but it's a good read like the rest of the site. In my opinion the last true Bultaco would be when Paco still had control of the company
  8. All the steel bottom yokes I have including M49 are M8 x 35 mm x 1.25 thread hex head
  9. I've got one on a m183 it runs really well, the jetting should be close on a 158 Main 103 Pilot 33 Needle d36 clip in the middle Needle jet 266k Slide I'm not sure no markings that I can see but I think it's a 60
  10. Banana, fork caps, wipers, carby, levers, ......... Nice bike but how about a photo of your 69 one
  11. What's been done apart from the 74mm gasgas piston to make it a 280 has the crank been altered ?
  12. A 198 front wheel that I just measured is about 14mm, brake drum protuding from outer edge of the rim
  13. 52 mm or 2 inches This mob are good to deal with for Amal parts http://www.trialsbit...php?cPath=34_35
  14. The needle is a U size Yes genuine Amal from Burlen UK I have had this carby on and off more times than I can remember tried different jetting, blowing it out numerous times, ultrasonic cleaned it always runs like **** they have no tickler hole, the new slides have the 4 stroke choke cut out and different inferior circlip arrangement top of the carb came with choke cable hole and I think it might have a casting fault in the pilot circuit, the old carby is worn in the bore but still runs okay so I'll will get it sleeved I'm currently running a old 248 mikuni flange mount off some old jap bike on the M49 and it runs pretty good but I like to have it original
  15. Replace the needle U and needle jet 106 they are the parts that wear in these carbies fairly regularly The other jetting in your carb Amal 627 should be pilot 20 main 150 and slide 3.5 When adjusting the air screw I adjust it out till it runs fastest then scew it in a touch just where it starts to slow down I like it a bit rich on the pilot I wouldn't buy a new Amal they are rubbish the old ones are better, well the one I bought for my M49 is