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  1. I think the 158 182 190 tubes are only about 10mm shorter but the rods are also 10mm shorter as well so they use the same length springs as the 350’s of that era or maybe even all Sherpas Id probably just cut those 500+ Pursang springs down to a suitable length All the sherpa springs I’ve measured are between 450 to 475mm long
  2. M10 and M27 header pipes have the same part number but I'd guess they were tweaked a bit or more in the factory to fit individual bikes
  3. Should have 2 8x20x62 studs in the barrel but 8x45 bolt should do with the header pipe I'd be getting one made up for your bike all the header pipes are slightly different even for individual models so for a 27 in a 49 frame I doubt you'll get one that will fit nicely
  4. Going by the parts books I have they were fitted from m10 up to 1331 in the m80 production run Early m85 Alpina s had them as well but I'm not sure when they changed
  5. Try to get a copy of this book there is a cycle world test of the m187/188 that they claim the only difference to the m165/166 is the paint scheme. Has a good spec list of it. there is a few other Alpina tests in the book from the day
  6. You'd be better off asking about model number differences like m138 years don't really identify Bultacos ive never seen individual Haynes manuals your probably after Bultaco parts books here's a m212/3 link to one Alpina.pdf
  7. Woody I'm pretty sure all the 325's from m125 on had the same flywheels around 2.8 kg on both sides your 159 may have been modified if it had a pursang primary flywheel
  8. If your talking about ignition side you might not want a m49 ( VAR41-9)flywheel about 2.4kg against 2.8kg that you probably have now (VAR41-52)) where as the 250 later flywheels (VAR41-51) m124 on are around 1.7kg. Well that's from my scales they probably vary a little bit. A lot of 250/350 Alpinas (m137 on I think) had the VAR41-51 flywheels so it might be easier to find one from a Alpina as there seems to be a fair amount of Alpina parts on eBay in the states.
  9. Part no.49.00-068 for frame no. up to 1832/ part no.80.00.068 for frame no. 1833 onwards
  10. Ah that what it is a Y not a V thanks Bought some once when I couldn't get a S in town didn't notice any difference in the running though
  11. Doesn't the V on the bp5ev spark plug just mean a v'ed out electrode
  12. Yes they are the models I call Soler as wellThe later models are nice bikes but the earlier models up to and including the Soler models were a piece of art in my opinion
  13. I suppose you could say that Paco is Bultaco Nothing really special happened after the Soler Sherpas in my opinion
  14. I've also been using IRC tubed (49,125) and tubeless (183) with no problems on my Bultacos
  15. Most have probably read this but it's a good read like the rest of the site. In my opinion the last true Bultaco would be when Paco still had control of the company