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  1. Outdoor is running Sky Motors TV
  2. Agreed - I have a pair on my 2015 - there are probably still some out there in the online world.
  3. Don't forget that on the Pro engine the gearbox oil also lubricates the crank bearing - water in there isn't a great idea.
  4. IMHO the OEM Twinair filter is better
  5. Check the wheel bearings too.
  6. Same Vaseline you've just used to seal the piston/bore gap. You might need to give the o rings a little stretch first, the often come up a bit small.
  7. Clean head with WD40 and a fine Scotchbrite pad. For piston top - pack some soft tissue around edge then do same. Carefully remove tissue and blast with air. A foot pump will do it. Not a solution found in any 'how too' but works more times than not in an emergency.
  8. Buy them both if you can but I'm biased too. The Red bike looks to have a Miller type GRP Bash Plate fitted. They were the 'go' in the day and if it's in half decent shape you could probably make a mould from it and re make in either GRP or Carbon and help pay for the restoration. If you do buy the red one and don't want the bash plate - I'll buy it and make you copy. Cheers
  9. Check the amount of transmission oil... it its really low (you'll have to drain it to check on the Sherco) you could have blown a seal which would suck oil, run really lean and get v hot with lots of acrid smelling smoke. When you pull off the pipe check the piston top - if it's wet and oily that might be the cause.
  10. I miss my Xispa... not bad at all...
  11. Not an expert on the MAR and I'm sure someone will come along soon who is but at small throttle openings I'd be suspecting the pilot jet or circuit. (30 sounds a bit small to me maybe 35?) You don't say if a new or used carb and jet - irrespective, I've found machining swarf in new carbs and styrene packing in new jets so probably not important. I'd be giving the pilot jet and circuit a good blow through with aerosol carb cleaner and air. But while you've got the carb off it doesn't take much more time the give all the jets and circuits a good blow out and check the float height. At least you then have all the bases covered before you experiment with jets. Hope this helps Buddy. Paul Mac
  12. Watch this then have another go
  13. Loosen the bottom triple tree pinch bolts (keep the top ones tight) the fork brace/mudguard stay and the axle pinch bolts - give it good wiggle from side to side and pump the suspension a few times. Tighten the bottom triple tree pinch bolts first then the axle then the fork brace/mudguard stay and Bob's yer uncle. If the bars are net - change em - much cheaper than dental work.
  14. Good advice above - also a bit of momentum is your friend - if you're too slow makes it more difficult to apply the power smoothly.
  15. My first time opportunity to see the world's best in action on Sunday and OMG Awesome!!!!!! Re the unstoppable... tongue in cheek, the guy standing next to me reckoned that Bou's bike is fitted with some kind of special 'force field' that makes him float over stuff. I'm sure this has been said many times before, but to my mind that force field seems to be absolute precision. Visually he does indeed 'float', He doesn't seem to hit an obstacle with anything like the force that the rest of the top 10 riders do. He seems to be consistently 'softer' on the terrain and I was surprised that I could 'hear' a very distinct difference in force between Bou hitting an obstacle and most everyone else. No idea how you counter that from a section setting perspective. Another thing that surprised me was listening to Bou and Rage discuss their respective thoughts - they were joined at hip when walking lots of the sections. Good to see and hear. Brilliant effort from the organisers though - Top Marks to all. Paul Mac