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  1. Ride ever tightening figure of eights slowly on flat ground without using the clutch then move onto a slope and do the same thing. Best training available
  2. Call Paul Arnott at the Hell Team - he'll sort you out.
  3. Stuff em with newspaper.
  4. 300 every time. More torque, which means power when you need it and more control, you have the throttle in your right hand. Try it for your self before you choose.
  5. It is one of Jim's bikes and I totally agree he is one of the most helpful and generous individuals I've had the pleasure of dealing with, however I've bombarded him lately and I'm desperate not to 'out stay my welcome' hence the post here.
  6. Has anyone repacked a Drayton Bantam exhaust? Advice appreciated. Cheers
  7. Think you may have answered your own question, leak in reed cage gasket = weak mixture = overheating. Smoke was probably the hot exhaust burning out residual oil but check you haven't blown a crank seal.
  8. The cable can hook up around the condenser on the left hand side of the frame - make sure it runs 'inside' and isn't getting tangled in the mass of wires.
  9. Outdoor is running Sky Motors TV
  10. Agreed - I have a pair on my 2015 - there are probably still some out there in the online world.
  11. Don't forget that on the Pro engine the gearbox oil also lubricates the crank bearing - water in there isn't a great idea.
  12. IMHO the OEM Twinair filter is better
  13. Check the wheel bearings too.
  14. Same Vaseline you've just used to seal the piston/bore gap. You might need to give the o rings a little stretch first, the often come up a bit small.
  15. Clean head with WD40 and a fine Scotchbrite pad. For piston top - pack some soft tissue around edge then do same. Carefully remove tissue and blast with air. A foot pump will do it. Not a solution found in any 'how too' but works more times than not in an emergency.