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  1. An old practice used on the bell housing of farm tractors, and applicable to the magneto housing, is to install a small cotter pin in the drain hole. The jiggling effect of the cotter pin will prevent the hole from becoming plugged.
  2. Rear wheel bearings are 17 x 40 x 12, or series 6203
  3. The rest of it.
  4. Perhaps the attachment will help.
  5. Go to and click on OKO Carburetors and Accessories.
  6. If you search some of the TC forums I think you will find that Caswell's tank sealer is most often mentioned and recommended. I've personally used Caswell's on at least 6 tanks, with excellent results.
  7. Look at the rear of the inner engine case on the right hand side and you will see the head of a bolt. That is not it, but it holds a detent spring and ball in place. Now look in the approximate same location on the rear left hand side. You will see a small drilled hole, perhaps 1.5 mm (1/16 inch) in diameter. That is the gearbox breather.
  8. All Beta Rev 3 series use 38x50x8 fork seals.
  9. Review the Beta forum. There are numerous articles on the Beta Rev 3 series. Pay particular attention to the "Beta Clutch Fix" and articles on water pump corrosion, which involves replacement of the inner clutch housing.
  10. Recently purchased two from
  11. 450 cc of Maxima MTL 75 wt transmission oil.
  12. The glass (plastic) eye is not threaded. It it secured inplace with an o-ring and sealant. You'll have to remove the glue from the inside of the case and the eye will push out. As far as the clutch sticking, go to the TC Beta forum and follow the Beta Clutch fix.
  13. If you never plan to fall or hit anything they will work fine. But like most of us, after you replaced them a few times, you'll wish you had spent the money on a good pair of forged levers.
  14. There is no workshop manual for the 348. The best you can do is the old Clymer Service manual for the 123 - 360 cc singles - 1965 through 1975, and the Trials Central Montesa forum.
  15. From Wiki ... LHM (Liquide Hydraulique Minéral). LHM is a mineral oil, quite close to automatic transmission fluid. Mineral oil is hydrophobic, unlike standard brake fluid; therefore, gas bubbles do not form in the system, as would be the case with standard brake fluid, creating a 'spongy' brake feel. Use of mineral oil has thus spread beyond Citroën, Rolls-Royce, Peugeot, and Mercedes-Benz, to include Jaguar, Audi, and BMW. LHM, being a mineral oil, absorbs only an infinitesimal proportion of moisture, plus it contains corrosion inhibitors.