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  1. I always found that if you say want to hop the front left for example, do what you say with the forks but before you actually hop get your Centre of gravity/body over to the left and bring the wheel/bike back under you. If you are centered and hop the wheel away you are then off balance a dab is often required. Bring the bike back under you with the hop, don't hop it away from under you.
  2. If it departs at 15:30 your last check in will be 45 min before that so 2:45pm. Don't know when you will finish the trial but I have been in the past refused boarding because I was 5 min after the latest check in time. Worth bearing in mind and most tickets are not free to change dates etc so it might be an expensive gamble.
  3. Just bought a 50cc auto Gas Gas Boy for my daughter, although the bike is a 2000 model it is in great condition, mint is how I would describe it. I would like to change the plastics from the current bright blue, does anybody know when the frame changed on the boy from a chrome oval to the newer round painted tube type so I can maybe get a set of red plastics and stickers? Are the later plastics able to fit on the older models? I don't think that the Boy has been updated like the adult bikes every year, nearly. Anybody got any suggestions, many thanks in advance. I am aware that this is going to cost a few bob but I ain't planning on selling it for a while I will have one set to put back on to freshen it up when selling time comes.
  4. I have an Archos AV530 (30GB HD) with a Newmp3technology bullet cam, total cost about £140 Archos goes in your pocket and bullet cam is about the size of a packet of polos on your helmet. No external battery pack needed, camera draws power from main unit. Output is MPEG 4. Res is only 420 but OK for what I want and toggle on wire to camera has Start/stop rec button that works even with gloved hands. I actually bought it for skiing but would work on a bike too. Those full size cameras strapped to a helmet look to vulnerable to branches etc for my liking
  5. Just got a 16 24v and was suprised to read in the manual that the tyre pressures should be 30-40 PSI front and rear. Is that the right setup for trials? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Has anybody bought one of these and if so, could they tell me how much of a weight saving there is/ how much it actualy weighs? Cant find the actuall weight of them anywhere on the net. Thanks in advance.
  7. As the title says, does anybody know who the Observer was when Gordon Jackson had his famous dab? ETA I dont!
  8. Thanks for the link, some good stuff there. Never thought about window film installers, I got a mate that installs them for a living so I am going to buy him a couple of beers and hand the job over to him!
  9. Just bought a new sticker kit for my bike and I am having a bit of difficulty seeing how I can apply them to the seat unit without creases etc. The tank and rear mudguard will be fine as they are quite flat, its just the seat unit that has compound curves. Do you stretch them with the aid of a hot air gun or hair dryer or do you have to cut them? Thanks in advance, any tips would be appreciated.
  10. How hard would it be to put a current Gas Gas frame onto an 09 bike? are many bits different?
  11. NEVER run with arrow facing wrong way, bike may develop the dreaded "runs in reverse" problem when kick starting from cold. Always fill with FRENCH AIR, Channel Island's air will do at a push for a limited period
  12. What about in a 280 with a kelin carb?
  13. I cleaned the lens!!
  14. The right fork has a red cap on it but I cant see any allen key Do you have to remove the cap to get at it? Confused
  15. Hi there all Is there any way of adjusting the fork pre load on a pro 09? Thanks in advance Brokeback