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  1. Having just rode the fantastic Llanfyllin Forest Trophey Trial can any members out there recommend any other similar trials coming up that include 40 sections with no road work and just a great ride off road between sections? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Arie, I have the brake fluid on the bars version. I have fitted new seals in the caliper so will investigate the piston in the brake reservoir. Many Thanks, Neil
  3. I have a original Fantic 301 P1 with original front disc brake. Have tried numerous times to bleed the system and though get plenty of air out can never get any pressure at the lever. Does anyone have any a proven method?
  4. After rebuiding a FM450 Engine it started first time but now suffers from bad kickback when trying to start. Can anyone advise on a possible cure?? thanks in advance.
  5. About to embark on a complete 301 P1 restoration! Can anyone advise where I can obtain any technical information or advice on parts availability etc etc. Thanks in advance!