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  1. Does anybody know how much fork oil goes in rs 200 t forks. Plz
  2. Hi Guys,just got a 1979 Honda RS 200 T with matching frame and engine nos. And original exaust. She runs sweet as a nut , in fact she purrs . She as got a dripping petrol tap. My question is shall I restore just enjoy. Also where's the best place to get parts from . Cheers Mike
  3. Thanks for all the input, went up to AB MOTORCYCLES in Merthyr tydfil today and and done the deal with Barrie. While i was there barrie phoned nigel birkett and asked about the ossa on the scottish and he said all the ossa's they prepared finished no probs, so im now the proud owner of a tr280i. Ill keep you posted.
  4. Sorry guys i dont want to upset anyone. Ive had a few bikes in the last couple of years 4 SHERCOS 2 GASSERS A 4RT AN EVO 010 AND AN EVO (011) which was awsome just fancy somthing difrent.
  5. Thinking of buying an ossa tr 280, are there any issues with the bike. help please
  6. i got a 2003 gasser pro in the back of my disco a few years ago, no probs
  7. Thanks guys, all helps but as anyone had or here'd of any of these probs on the 08 mont. mike mc.
  8. Hi just wondering are there still issues with the kickstart and engine casing on the 08 mont 4rt. Just bought one, and a bit concerned because a friend of mine has had two 05 monts and both have had the casing crack caused by the kickstart. Hope someone can help . Cheers mike mc.