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  1. Deryk ,I belive a builder I uesd to work with in the late 60s a guy called Pat White was a works DOT rider ?(South Midlands Area) ,There is a photo of him in one of your books riding in the scottish is this correct .Simon (Right in one, Simon, there is a photograph of Pat White in one of my Scottish books, as you say, and here it is, for everyone to see, Cheers, Deryk)
  2. Hi Deryk would you have any photos of my good friend Danny Harmer passengering Alan Cobb I have a photo of him riding his Dot in 1965 but not any sidecar photos .I still see Danny as he now live in North Devon near me .Regards Simon
  3. Note on GRA web site both of the bikes have been recovered undamaged great news
  4. Try FOOTMAN JAMES I have insured my 4 classic trials and scramble bikes with them on Laid up insurance up to 4 thousand for my Husky, one for £2500 and two for £1500 for only £68.Covers for tools etc as well
  5. This is taken from an article in the Greeves mag Leading Link No 49 Dec 1992 by Andrew King who is an expert in Greeves "The alloy cylinder head .The head with the off-set squish area is definately a TES squish area should face the front.There is no truth at all in the theory of plug to rear for scrambles. This is pure baloney!.The scrambler has the full ,symetrical,hemisperical head."
  6. its a TES head and off-set to the fore
  7. Hope this will be of intrest to SPRITE owners.Found this advert in old copy of Motor Cycle News dated Wednesday November 18 1964 proof they were for sale before 1965.Have also posted photo of my Sprite first registered in 1965 frame number is 161