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  1. 2019 RR Vs One

    Just changed from Beta to rr and wish I had when they first cane out bikes lovely the Beta was a 300 and I’ve gone for the 250, plenty of power and usable, clubman and intermediate 250 is more than enough, people advised me not to get a 300 and I’m a good clubman rider
  2. Transmission oil change

    For the owners manual anyway
  3. Transmission oil change

    Just been looking at the link it’s got everything by the 2018 rr ??
  4. Which one would you buy?

    What cc would you recomend I’ve been told 250 is more than enough for clubman level
  5. Which one would you buy?

    I am currently asking the same question, I’m on Beta at the moment but bit fed up of it but don’t know what to get it’s either a trrs or a 4t but it’s a large amount of cash for both, I don’t know if the 4t is worth all the cash and don’t know if the trs is to..... I’ve had gas gas before personally wouldn’t have another but I had the early pro, had sherco and they was good but bit fragile, Beta bullet proof, vertigo would worry me with electrics but are a nice bike, I’m leaning more to Montesa but only because I want a bike I literally can wash and ride by basic maintance, fed up of carb issues and not sure if the trs will be similar ?
  6. What bike ? Trrs?

    I know what you mean stpauls I’ve seen a couple and thought they don’t seem to age very well, there built well from what I’ve been told tho, I’m very tempted with a 4rt just don’t know if it will be a hinderance the weight and the big change to 4stroke
  7. What bike ? Trrs?

    Would it be a 300 you got again ? I was told the 300 is a animal 250 has more than enough power ?
  8. What bike ? Trrs?

    Thanks for that, from what I’ve heard the tra have good reviews it’s just what cc to go for. Did you not find the Honda nice to ride lineaway ? Only thing I want is a bike I don’t have to work on every weekend just get it and ride it by the normal maintenance on them having to adjust the carb every trial and mess about I’ve had enough of that
  9. What bike ? Trrs?

    Just don’t know what to change to, if I had a trs what. Cc to get or if it was a 4rt if it’s going to be a problem with the weight
  10. Beta 2019 models? When release?

    I agree I’ve had Beta for years, and are a lovely bike, but the past ones are the same as what I have now, by the odd difference, I’m thinking of changing brand to the only issue I have is what cc to get, I’ve been told the 250 trrs is best to get but I’ve had 300s for years
  11. What bike ? Trrs?

    Hi all know this will open up a can of worms, at the minute I’m on a 17 Beta factory 300 and fancy something different (had Beta for a long time) thinking trrs or a 4rt, know there’s a big difference! The trrs are they a bike that’s set up and don’t have to mess about adjusting carb all the time and run spot on, I’ve been told 250 are a good bike, I’ve had 300s for years so not sure what cc ? I’m a good clubman and do nationals and road trials 4rt will the weight be a issue whilst riding and will it Be to bigger change ? Ridden a few and like them
  12. Beta evo won't run

    Did you take the mixture screw out when you was cleaning the carb ? Take it all apart again mate and check everything
  13. Bosi mudguard kit

    I have bossi mudguards on and are spot on good bit of kit
  14. Bought a new 17' factory 300! What does it need?

    I’ve had Beta trials bikes for years had a few snap, last one that did I got the bossi Mudguard conversion works spot on, bends no problem, bossi stickers on it looks the part, front Mudguard gas gas metal brace and Mudguard bossi also do a nice front one
  15. Beta flywheel puller

    Hi all after taking my flywheel off on my 2015 factory Beta 300 need to get a puller but not sure what one...... had a look on eBay and there’s a few different ones ? M30 ??32mm thread ???