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  1. Beta evo won't run

    Did you take the mixture screw out when you was cleaning the carb ? Take it all apart again mate and check everything
  2. Bosi mudguard kit

    I have bossi mudguards on and are spot on good bit of kit
  3. Bought a new 17' factory 300! What does it need?

    I’ve had Beta trials bikes for years had a few snap, last one that did I got the bossi Mudguard conversion works spot on, bends no problem, bossi stickers on it looks the part, front Mudguard gas gas metal brace and Mudguard bossi also do a nice front one
  4. Beta flywheel puller

    Hi all after taking my flywheel off on my 2015 factory Beta 300 need to get a puller but not sure what one...... had a look on eBay and there’s a few different ones ? M30 ??32mm thread ???
  5. Have You Broken Your Evo Rear Fender Yet?

    Same as most I've broke everyone I've had, I've changed my front for a gas gas guard and brace had this on months now and the rear I've changed for a bossi top trial team mudguard, works well you can also get a bossi front guard now
  6. 2015 Beta Factory Forks

    dont know m8 i phoned lampkins up and they told me possitive to negative ??
  7. 2015 Beta Factory Forks

    Hi all i have a 15 evo factory and was just wondering what most people have there rebound set to on there forks, i know its to personal choice just wondered how many clicks people use? and i take it that you read this by clicking it all the way to the posotive side and then work to the negative ??
  8. 2015 Beta Factory Headstock

    thanks for all your advise, i have had a word with the garage and they are looking at it for me, bikes only 4 month old so dont fancy wraping tape around it will see what has been up with it in the new year, cracking bike tho !! and yes defo not the bar mounts
  9. Evo - Throttle Cable Vs Bar Pad

    This is what you want
  10. Evo - Throttle Cable Vs Bar Pad

    ive tried one of these on my bike m8 renthal pad. i would suggest take it off pal i tried different things and it is the velcro that catches the throttle cable when your going left to right, you can actualy get a beta pad, its not anywhere as big as that and is rubber that goes over the handlebar clamps, they fit both the hinge type and standard clamps and defo dont catch the cables
  11. 2015 Beta Factory Headstock

    Hi all i have a 2015 beta factory, and past month i have noticed when you rock the bike with front break on the headstock clicks/manes a cracking noise, done a trial today and it seems worse when riding it can feel it,defo from the headstock has any one else had similar thing?? notice the factory bikes have the red headstock on and these are different to the standard ones. Also headstock is well greased up
  12. Ohlins Shock Fitting

    If you send it away to ohlins and explain what your doing they can do it, I've had it done before got one off eBay tht was a gasser one they shorted the rod also think eyes are different and service it mega service, beta UK will give you the number of the guy to use
  13. Factory 2015

    Skyline1 check your inbox m8
  14. Stolen Beta Recovered 😄

    Good news for you wish I had found my stolen ones
  15. Waterproofing Evo

    defo will reccomend the foam on my last beta i used it, you can also get a guard that goes under back mudguard and goes up back of exhaust these are also good idea, front mudguard flap may also stop a bit and a guard on the front pipe