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  1. All cycle parts are interchangeable between a 240 and 125 professional,,the only differences are the swinging arm bushes,and the rear sprocket,+there is no flywheel protecting tube on the frame cradle on a 125 frame.
  2. Hi there,i think i have the panel you are looking for, for your early 125 Fantic,it is the right hand side,it has 3 push on fixings,no vents,2 horizontal blue and red chequered decals,it is deeper than a 200 panel,it has a sticker on the inside saying Fantic Trial 125 and oil types and quantities on it.Sound any good to you,Let me know,Cheers
  3. John Reynolds rode the 320 JCM to 12th place in 1986,no sign of the unknown Merlin jockey in the results however,nice looking bike though,
  4. hi Duckwizard,i am not too clever with a computer,i will try to send you a PM.If not can you send me yours?I will get in touch with you some how.Cheers L.R.
  5. Hi duckwizard,i have found that a hub that will fit your Skywalker.It is in a complete wheel,if you still need 1 let me know.Cheers L.R.
  6. Hi there,do you have a PM?
  7. Hi there,I dont know where Steve Jewitt is these days,and yes his fathers name is Colin.Not much help i know,but i did spend some time with them in 1990 as part of the UK team.I should have a few pictures around somewhere,i shall see if i can find them.Cheers
  8. I am waiting to hear back from someone who is going to sell me what i think is a wheel like you are looking for.I only want the rim off it for a Fantic i am rebuilding,if the hub and spokes are OK iwill let you know,if thats any help to you.Cheers.
  9. Hi there,yes there are gas gas wheels that will fit your Skywalker.The early contact type with the disc mounted on a splined hub.A JCM also used the same hubs as i recall.Happy hunting.