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Ethanol Free Fuel from Murco

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I heard a rumour that Murco petrol does not contain Ethanol so I emailed the company and received this reply on the 18th August 2011:-


As a company Murco do not have Ethanol in any of their products at this moment in time, however some of our garages are supplied from non-Murco terminals so in this case the Ethanol content would be 5%.

I hope this is of some use to you.


Chris Blake

Commercial Marketing Manager

Murco Petroleum Ltd.

Westerleigh Terminal, Oakley Green, Westerleigh, Bristol. BS37 8QE

( Extension: 280

( Direct: +44 (0) 1179 576280

( Mobile: +44 (0) 7773 909735

So ask at your local Murco fuel Station that you'll find using the finder on http://www.murco.co.uk/welcome.htm where they get their fuel from.

They no doubt keep quiet about this as I suspect that they don't want to be seen as being environmentally unfriendly.

I had previously had replies from both Shell and Total and all their fuels contain ethanol.

Hope this helps prolong the life of those old tanks.

A friend rode his restored Bultaco Sherpa with original glass fibre tank for the first time in years recently and the inside of the tank started to de-laminate after one trial. He is well aware of the dangers of ethanol in petrol and knew to keep the tank empty when not in use but this experience shows that older tanks desolve very quickly with the new fuels. Even new ones still suffer.

Be warned and aware! Empty and vent your GRP/fibreglass tank after each use.

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