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Pictures Please

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Hey hey

Just for my amusment really but can you guys put up some pics of your sherpas that are NOT the standard red or blue.

I am finally building up my project taco and will be sending the frame off for a dip in an acid bath soon but i am unsure what colure to paint it.

I have seen a nice black and white taco which may copy but i am still looking for ideas and inspiration.

Before any one moans i do have a sherpa in original colours which will be refreshened once i have this project built

Many thanks


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woody has once again come up trumps,

Quite like the black one but the yellow/gold is not quite right, dare i say it the 340 of woodys looks the muts nuts.

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Some others with different color setup:


Then the white one:


A Sherpa with green:


Dark blue Sherpa:


Then another white one:


In my personal view the standard ones looks good:


And the white-blue models and additional the white-blue with some slight changes in the color scheme too:

Ex Fred Micheaud's 199b:


slightly modified color scheme:


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