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2014 Evo Flooding Keihin

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As title suggests my 2014 is occasionally prone to flooding, hard to tell when, sometimes when flat out over the fell over larger jumps/bumps, sometimes when sat, sometimes in the van, sometimes when the sky is too blue, sometimes when the wind blows from a certain direction..you get the idea.

Usually clears, sometimes needs a tap with a rock on the bowl...mainly I just try to turn fuel off..just in case.

Made mistake of leaving fuel on...after sitting it onto paddock stand last week.. removed plug, pumped it through..can I start - it can I hell. It was not 'hydraulic-ed'

Cleaned float bowl, few small lumps of 'varnish'. Is getting a strong spark. Plugs seem to be getting only very slightly wet.

Next step clean out all the jets in top of carb as perhaps not getting enough fuel through. It has not even hinted at starting in all of this and a few hundred kicks.

My question is - is the float setting procedure same as on the rev3s in 2008 that came with Keihins?

Anybody else had bother with recent Evos carbs? - my 07 rev3, and first evo were both spot on from new, unlike most others it seemed.

any help appreciated


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Sounds like the float needle has had it's day, I've had a few in my bike, If you need to tap the bowl and it clears, The needle will be stuck open causing it to flood.

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The float setting procedure is similar. A couple of things to look for is the condition of the valve seat as the Keihin doesn't have the nice machined brass seat the Mikuni has. The other thing is the floats can bind on the bowl gasket. This sounds like your problem. The gasket can be trimmed with an exacto knife to keep it from sticking out into the float bowl. I greatly enjoy the fight to get the float bowl back on the Keihin. Took me about an hour the first time to figure out I needed to turn the damn thing upside down to even make it possible.

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