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Merc Vito Tyres

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My rear wheel drive 08 LWB Vito isn't good in the wet, and with winter not far away I am going to change the tyres,at least the rears, to see if I can improve both wet weather and of course muddy field performance.

It's just a trials van so not desperately bothered about lifespan, just as long as I can get some decent traction when I need it. Had it for about six months now and know I'm going to be in bother if I don't change them. Do you go for town and country, snow?, or whatever.

So, question is, are there any tyre experts out there or anyone with experience of my situation who can point me in the right direction on what to go for

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All RWD Vans are crap in winter Trials fields (my Hiace is)


I park on the Road/Verge/Layby/Moorside outside the venues, if at all possible


Carry a tow rope and shackle

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