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Climber Forks

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Hey good people of the forum.

'93 Climber:

stripped out the forks tonight as part of a full rebuild, the left side stanction chrome is very very badly worn. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced company that can re chrome it or will it be cheaper to buy another set of forks....if I can find any?





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Buy a set of conventional forks off Richard Allen or someone. I never ever got to the bottom of the leaking seals on my old Climber and in the end they were like trigger's broom. They weren't the best of forks to start with! All this is assuming you are rebuilding to ride it and not restore.

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As mentioned lots of good used upside down trials forks out there, just buy a complete set and you're sorted! I personally wouldn't pay too much attention to all the bad press USD forks get. I like the ones on my 309. For an average rider on middle route sections they work great.

I saw Richard Allen (07917 406313) had a few sets a couple of weeks ago. If you go down the traditional fork route he could also help. 

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