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jon v8

BSA Unit singles.

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Just collected my C15 back from Rupert Ratio,(AKA Dave Smith) its a Sportsman motor in a Victor GP type frame.I took it apart last summer to change the box ratio's to WD B40 ones,which were supplied by Dave. He had all the bits I  needed,was well chuffed.Brought them back,shoved them under the bike in a box and nothing happened.Typical... Then a little while ago I had the brainwave to call Dave and ask him to sort it out for me. Which he has done,very quickly and for a very reasonable sum, he has rebuilt the gearbox, sorted out the clutch and various other bits like fitting a valve lifter arm after rebushing the rocker box and remembering to fit the camplate upside down so the gears are the same way as a Burman or AMC box which I normally ride.( One up,three down)

Its the first time I've ever asked anybody to build anything for me, normally I'm doing it for other people... The BSA was just sitting there,I have too many other projects on the go,bike and non bike, I have to say I'm really pleased with the results,he really does know his stuff and has loads of parts. 

If you need any BSA unit single work done,he is your man.A copy of his book is a must too,if you own unit BSA. A pleasure to deal with too,he even looked up the engine number to reveal that it originally was exported to Guam,probably to a US serviceman. PM me if you would like his contact details.

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Thanks Jon, I've thought I might get Dave to rebuild my B40 and give it a bit more oomph so good to hear you're happy. I've got the RR engine book, must get the other two sometime.

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